It's ALL over for the "Hummer"

  Uboat 00:25 25 Feb 2010

That's It! the company are winding the business down! as a major buyer pulled out! i wonder how many jobs are going to be lost.?

click here

  octal 07:12 25 Feb 2010

It's sad that people are losing their jobs, but I'm not surprised that sales are waning, I think Americans are starting to feel the pinch as their fuel prices rise. We holiday in America every year and we have noticed there are more fuel efficient cars around than when we first started going 15 years ago.

  Quickbeam 10:45 25 Feb 2010

Maybe they should have evolved it into a more green car for the modern eco conscious driver. A 1600cc engine, VW wheels, half the length and a tenth of the price... here's the new greener Hummer prototype click here

  Grey Goo 16:44 25 Feb 2010

Wont need AirCon then.

  morddwyd 17:29 25 Feb 2010

They should target the "hen" market more.

I always thought the pink ones looked rather fetching!

  Forum Editor 23:11 25 Feb 2010

being interviewed on TV, and talking about the silly fad for Hummer ownership amongst the glitterati - she speculated on the likelihood of ever encountering a land mine as you drove on the streets of LA.

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