It's about time I sorted this out!

  Sapins 09:29 19 May 2017

My wrist watch date window has decided to move 2 days forward. How can I get it to show the correct date? I don't think I would like to sit and wind it forward to the correct date, is there another way to do this, I am thinking I can stop the watch for 2 days to let it catch up, otherwise I am at a loss to solve this.

  morddwyd 09:40 19 May 2017

Buy a cheap radio controlled watch!

  geoff96 09:40 19 May 2017

Invent a time machine and jump forward 2 days.

  Govan1x 09:43 19 May 2017

Anything on here help.

Click here

  Brumas 10:25 19 May 2017

Sapins, I can't help but I do appreciate the 'punny' title ;o}

  HondaMan 10:31 19 May 2017

It does not take a minute (literally) to wind it on!

  Cymro. 12:27 19 May 2017

It is something to do with how far out you pull out the winder. All the way out to move the hands half way out to change the date well something like that anyway

  Sapins 12:47 19 May 2017

brumas, glad someone did.

HondaMan, would take longer than that.

cymro, brilliant, worked like a dream, thank you so much.

  oresome 14:32 19 May 2017

It doesn't bother me as I'd need my reading glasses to see the tiny number.

In fact I've just had a look at it says 11, so only a week or so adrift.

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