its about time..!!!

  hijo 11:17 18 Dec 2006

ive got a m8 whos worked only once since leaving school & his job was fo 4 months in 1991,hes now 45 & lives with his parents...theres no reason why he cant work & it anoy's me ive always wondered if the goverment will ever look into case's like this where the individual just cant be arsed,its another thing if they have medical reasons or they have a family & its finacialy not worth it ect but my m8's got no kids so theres no reason for him to no work..anyway this is worth reading...!!!

click here

  Bingalau 11:18 18 Dec 2006

What's an M8? ..Bingalau..

  De Marcus™ 11:20 18 Dec 2006

It's Screw, bolt size or mate/friend :-)

  p;3 15:02 18 Dec 2006

so; is your friend going to try to get some gainful work with the new benefit changes on they way?

what qualifications has he/she got?

  Kate B 15:10 18 Dec 2006

I don't see that it's your place to be passing judgment about your friend's work ethic, or lack thereof; and I don't think you're much of a friend if you're bitching about him behind his back to a bunch of online strangers.

  mymate 15:28 18 Dec 2006

Kate B.But its your tax that is paying for hijo "mate" not to go to work .

  rodriguez 15:33 18 Dec 2006

Nicely put Kate - I'm sure hijo's mate wouldn't like him being talked about to people he doesn't know, I know I wouldn't. Anyway, if he wants to live like that it's his choice really as I don't think he would have much of a cushy life living on dole money. I personally want to move out next year as I'm 20 and find it annoying (and sometimes rather difficult) having to be quiet when I come in at 1am on a Saturday and Sunday morning. He might even enjoy it when he gets a job and has a bit more money coming in.

  Pamy 15:44 18 Dec 2006

I just do not understand this "or they have a family & its finacialy not worth it" I would have thought this all the more reason to try and get work.

  Kate B 15:54 18 Dec 2006

Actually, it's often the case that someone on benefits is worse off if they take a job because they lose things like housing benefit. Rent on a property can easily be more than you bring home. It's part of the poverty trap and something that needs addressing.

  lisa02 19:40 18 Dec 2006

My partner has always worked from leaving school and was unemployed for a short period of 3 1/2 months. The JSA advisor absolutely grilled him in that time and threatened to stop his benefit claiming he didn't turn up for an interview they set up.

He then contested this as he was given no interview details and they appologised admitting they were wrong... yet of all there's a fella down the street who's exactly like hijo's mate and gets away with for years and years. Failing to keep JSA agreements and quitting jobs at will.

The few months my partner was out of work was the worst time of his life and he'll tell you that himself. Neither of us can understand how anyone can happily draw benefits when they are able to work.

  Kate B 19:47 18 Dec 2006

I think it's out of order to condemn people you don't know as lazy. You have no idea of every single unemployed person's circumstances and while I'm sure there are some who'd rather not work, it's a pretty hopeless cycle if you are out of work. As lisa02 says, being out of work is horrible: I doubt many people choose that miserable state.

People who haven't worked for a long time are pretty much deemed unemployable. People who don't work might be ill, they might be unable physically to get to work, stuck on a dismal estate with little access to transport. I really dislike how judgmental people are about this issue - it's so uncalled-for and reflects badly on the posters.

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