ITN News Story About Solar Activity Wreaking Havoc

  Big L 266 11:36 19 Jun 2010


I have taken the liberty to copy and paste a link from the Yahoo News page about increasing solar activity which could wreak havoc on a large scale concerning our planet.

click here

Although this story first appeared on Tuesday 15th June, I have neither seen nor read anything further on it. The main theme of the item is to do with blackouts, electronic equipment failures, etc. It come across as a little alarmist for my taste.

That said, if there is any further substance to back up this lone story, then ought we not to be told more about it and the consequences of the increasingly chronic effects of solar activity impacting into all of our lives?

I have to say it scared me somewhat when I was reading it. What do you reading this think about it?

Big L 266

  ronalddonald 11:41 19 Jun 2010

Well lets get shriveled up and dry

  Forum Editor 11:43 19 Jun 2010

think about it?"

I think I have more pressing things to worry about.

1. It might never happen.

2. If it does, it won't happen for a few years.

Forget about it until there's a real need to do something.

  Big L 266 11:54 19 Jun 2010


FE....Agree with that especially with global warming on a cold windy and wet autumnal-like day here in sunny Spalding! The east coast has a lot to answer for with our winds blowing down direct from the Arctic today.

Time to put the heating on methinks.

Big L 266

  Kevscar1 12:16 19 Jun 2010

If it won't happen for a few years why worry the world is supposed to Dec 22 2012 so you will be dead before the solar rays arrive.

  Big L 266 13:48 19 Jun 2010


Kevscar....I'll be dead from global freezing in 2010 if this summer doesn't get a move on!

Big L 266

  morddwyd 19:35 19 Jun 2010

"Although this story first appeared on Tuesday 15th June, I have neither seen nor read anything further on it. "

Suggest you

click here

Dated 15 June, not only discussed but resolved.

  octal 20:07 19 Jun 2010

This is an article from NASA click here

Solar cycle 24 is due in the next couple of years and they have been predicting that the last few cycles are going to be large ones, cycle 24 could very well be a damp squid like all the others. The last large one was in 1859 when a few line telegraph operators got their fingers burnt.

It will happen one day, but who knows? When it does we'll soon know about it.

  Big L 266 20:46 19 Jun 2010


morddwyd....I wonder if I'm related to the Dodo?I did have a senior moment during the week when I tried to get the grill pan and baking tray into the freezer.

octal....My arthritis flares up more than the sun and mine are just as unpredictable.

Big L 266

  Uboat 22:16 19 Jun 2010

This may be intresting to read..

click here

  morddwyd 07:54 20 Jun 2010

That's not a senior moment, just a temporary aberration, like putting the milk away in the microwave!

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