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  oresome 13:47 29 Nov 2006

Apparently the answer to a TV phone in quiz was rawlplugs!

I refer to a select committee investigation into the dubious methods used by some "quiz" show programmes to extract premium call rates from punters.

One hapless character on last night's news received a monthly phone bill amounting to several thousand pounds after letting his enthusiasm for a quiz get the better of him.

  Apron 14:00 29 Nov 2006

I don't understand this one at all. Senility? isolation?,stupidity? Sorry.
When did pay to enter quizzes start? Is it legal?
What was the question?

  anskyber 14:13 29 Nov 2006

Presumably you are referring to phone in TV programmes which use premium rate numbers. Prizes are in effect paid for by the punters themselves rather than the programme makers.

  Apron 14:41 29 Nov 2006

Answer: rawlplugs; Oh please, what was the question?

  De Marcus™ 14:50 29 Nov 2006

The answer to the question asked twice before now can be found in a title, but what is it?

Emails will be charged at £2.90 per minute. text messages start at £1.00 plus standard network charges ;-)

Fools and their money - age old.

One born every minute.

The list goes on.

  rezeeg 15:18 29 Nov 2006

I'm afraid I fell for one of these some while back.

Idly clicking through the tv channels I came upon a quiz, watched for about 10 minutes being urged to phone in with an (obvious) answer. No calls were taken so I picked up the phone and risked my 75p only to be told by a machine that my call was unlucky this time.

Ah, I thought, there must be a call queue so I sat for about another 10 minutes watching this bimbo still urging me to call in because nobody was on the line.

FE doesn't allow swearwords, but I was **** angry for days with myself for falling for it ;-((

  Apron 17:07 29 Nov 2006

I'll be off. Thanks for the company.

  Kate B 17:21 29 Nov 2006

Yes, these quizzes are legal but the Commons select committee on media, culture and sport is looking at them click here

  rodriguez 17:53 29 Nov 2006

Sometimes I find myself sat there watching these quizzes (ITV Play is the one I usually watch) just because there's nothing else on. Well there isn't really at 2 am. Even with Sky there's nothing on at that time so I find myself sat there not wanting to go to bed until all 6 or 7 answers have come up so I can see if the one I thought of was there. When it usually isn't. Then I go to bed. Yes I'm sad. :-P

  ed-0 19:18 29 Nov 2006

Your link is to a page which you have to sign in:-( I presume you need to join? )

I think I heard a little about this on radio 4. When you ring these numbers, there is just one person managing the phone lines, called "bob".

In some circumstances, " bob " has been told not to answer the phone / phones.

it certainly seems to be a money making racket.

  Kate B 19:21 29 Nov 2006

It's the Guardian - sorry, yes, you have to register to read stories, but that's all, no money or promises of your first-born required.

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