Italian prime minister to resign

  Govan1x 00:27 05 Dec 2016

Italy referendum: PM Matteo Renzi resigns after clear referendum defeat.

The outcome of this is the Euro falls to most currencies. At the moment the £ to euro stands at 1.20 Euro so we can expect that to rise a fair bit soon.

As next year progresses I can see the Euro falling even further so have to think we probably made the right decision with brexit.

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  Govan1x 09:46 05 Dec 2016


1 British Pound equals 1.27 US Dollar

Slowly rising but will get there eventually.

  john bunyan 10:08 05 Dec 2016

Having worked for years in a major multinational, where currency movements were very important, I can assure you that NO ONE can accurately predict currency movements accurately. All you can do is if you buy goods or services in a foreign currency, is to immediately buy that currency in pounds , so you are sure of the actual cost to you in UK on the day. We had a saying: " There is many a man walking the streets of the Embankment today, with the a**e hanging out of his trousers because he thought he could predict currency movements!" .

  Govan1x 10:15 05 Dec 2016

When it was at its highest I would say. 1 year ago it was at 1.50 dollars to the £1. So still got a fair way to go till we get to that.

At least it is heading in the right direction no doubt there will be plenty movement of it in the next year or so whether up or down we have to wait and see.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:58 05 Dec 2016

I'm a bit surprised by the effect the Italian vote is having after all, when is there not political instability in Italy?

  Forum Editor 11:30 05 Dec 2016

"....when is there not political instability in Italy?"

Italy certainly changes governments frequently - there have been 60 in modern history. Nevertheless, Italy has the third largest economy in the EU, and it is not so much the fact of the recent vote that has caused so much fuss - it was widely foreseen - but the nature of it. Italians have used this referendum to express their dislike for the establishment, and when the elections come around it is going to be interesting, to say the least.

I think if a party ran on a 'leave the EU' manifesto the Italians would vote it into power. It's why this referendum vote will have seriously unsettled people in Brussels.

I was in Italy this summer after our Brexit vote, and I got a distinct feeling that lots of Italians envied our decision.

  Belatucadrus 13:33 05 Dec 2016

Only in Italy could you have a Hungarian Porn star as an MP. Got to love that proportional representation.

  flycatcher1 17:57 05 Dec 2016

I remember a time when a US penny was equal to a UK penny. Made shopping easy!

  Brumas 10:41 06 Dec 2016

flycatcher1, I can remember when it was 10 marks to the pound in Dortmund in the 60s - never had so much money in me life ;o}

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