IT is for the young whiz kids!

  jack 10:47 01 Jan 2010

So many woiuld have you believe

The responses to
click here
and some og the mug shots here
click here
would seem to tell another story
What do you all think?
I wonder what the young/old ratio is with the regulars on this forum?

  jack 10:51 01 Jan 2010

click here
for the mug shots

I've a ways to go yet , I'm only 16............ well I'll admit to another 60 years

  jack 10:56 01 Jan 2010
  birdface 11:06 01 Jan 2010

Nope just the 10.51 one not working using IE8 now.
Looks like PCA has not fixed the time difference yet as I posted after your 10.56 one and mine finished in front of it.

  Forum Editor 11:10 01 Jan 2010

young people aren't particularly interested in computers from a technical point of view. They've become used to having computers in their lives from a very young age, and they accept them for what they are - tools to enable productivity and an aid to communication.

My children use computers every day at work, and they use them for email and internet access, or work-related tasks at home. Not one of them has the slightest interest in what's inside the case, or in becoming early adopters as far as new software releases are concerned. Computers for them are as much an everyday item as washing machines.

Many older people, on the other hand, look upon computers as objects of wonder and mystery, and it takes them a longer time to become easy around the box on the desk, or the laptop in the lounge. Many of them need a lot of help and support, and if they don't have young people in the house they'll turn to the internet.......and to web forums.

  Jim Thing 11:37 01 Jan 2010

I think it's also relevant that, when any sort of gadget goes wrong, the first reaction of the "make do and mend" generation is to get the cover off and poke about inside, whereas the current solution is "ditch it and buy another."

  sunnystaines 11:48 01 Jan 2010

i was surprised in the photo collections we are older rather than younger.

my daughter despite getting "A" grades in everything computer a school has zero interest in them other than as a tool like the FE says.

any idea who the oldest regular poster is, not me I am still in 50's

  sunnystaines 12:48 01 Jan 2010

86years now that is good going getting his moneys worth out of the pension fund.

Is it you?

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