It was E-Day on Wed. Did You Switch Off Anything

  peter99co 13:04 29 Feb 2008

Apparently we used more electricity on E Day than normally used. click here

Did you think it matters?

  oresome 13:13 29 Feb 2008

I didn't know it was E Day on Wednesday.

Do I think it matters that we used more on that day, or do I think it matters that we turn off unnecessary appliances?

The price dictates that I don't knowingly waste electricity without any environmental considerations.

  belfman 13:16 29 Feb 2008

With the exception of appliances that cannot be turned off at the wall I turn everything off. I don't need an E-day to tell me to and I wonder how much energy was wasted in the scheme?

  ronalddonald 13:16 29 Feb 2008

found out it was e day around 10pm on wed, i go to bed at around 10.30pm i dont watch tv known as the idoit box if u want waste eletric just watch the idoit box

  belfman 13:24 29 Feb 2008

Who named themselves after the clown created by a fast food chain? The fact also that you typed idiot wrongly twice must mean something aswell.

click here

  Kemistri 13:58 29 Feb 2008

Electricity is too expensive to use unnecessarily and the price per unit makes it quite easy to get into the habit of turning off extraneous items. From an environmental viewpoint, I cannot help but think that our usage is secondary while the lights continue to illuminate large office blocks all night long, but even fairly small changes can make an accumulative difference to domestic fuel bills over the longer term.

Here is another useful definition for "Ronald McDonald": click here

  interzone55 14:39 29 Feb 2008

There's a shop in Rochdale that's been closed for over 3 years now & the some of lights are still on. Seeing as the company went bust (hence the closure) I wonder who's paying the bill?

Interesting piece in this months PC Pro magazine about the futility of many proposed energy saving ideas, like the evil of leaving a mobile phone charger plugged in, the charger mentioned in the article used less than a watt when plugged in & not charging, it would need to be plugged in for 12 days to match a single fluorescent tube left on in a office all day...

  interzone55 14:40 29 Feb 2008

That last line should read "left on for an hour"

  oresome 15:08 29 Feb 2008

We've changed the majority of our lightbulbs to the low energy type, but the electric bill only ever goes one way..............up.

  interzone55 15:25 29 Feb 2008

I bought a bunch of the low-energy lamps & they were rubbish so went straight back to the shop.

The light quality from them was very poor, my wife's eyes are not so good & she suffers from SAD, so the lights have to be as brights as possible (it hurts my eyes sometimes).

If they do ban incandescent lamps I'm afraid I will have to buy a lot of bulbs to keep us going for many years.

  Kemistri 15:49 29 Feb 2008

They're not usually as bright as you want, even though they claim to be equivalent to x watts. You're probably still saving in real terms, though, Oresome -- it's just being covered (and then some) by the price rises.

Alan -- I wouldn't be surprised if the electricity supplier is effectively footing that bill with no-one to charge. It was probably one of the creditors anyway in all likelihood. What issue was that article in, by the way? I remember reading about PC pro's "switch it off" campaign, but I can't find it now.

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