It was 30 years ago today.

  canarieslover 12:42 23 Apr 2012

No, not Sergeant Pepper, but the Sinclair Spectrum! It opened up a brand new world for me as it was actually affordable and I learned to program fairly quickly in ZX Basic. Happy Birthday

  Condom 13:49 23 Apr 2012

So it was thirty years ago that my son and I first started talking different languages. How time flies.

  canarieslover 14:02 23 Apr 2012


I bought a Spectrum to introduce my sons to computers, and myself of course, so we learned the 'new' languages together. It was when texting became such huge way of communicating with other people that I began speaking a different language to them. I just can't get used to words that don't have vowels in them!!!!

  lotvic 14:05 23 Apr 2012

I also remember it and the excitement when when my son got it to 'draw' a circle :) How time flies

  finerty 14:56 23 Apr 2012

zx81 oh how i wish i could have another one, wth a little printer and the old cassete player and sit there lsisitneing to the cassete plying what would sound like a fax machine, and waiting load a game, where you learnt how be patient with eagerness. and when the game loaded hallejah the game is on and damm its power cut from the national grid.

have to start all over again. wonder where i parked the C5

  BT 18:07 23 Apr 2012

Still got mine, all 5 of them. Two 48Ks mounted in full sized keyboards, one original 48K, one ZX128, and a Spectrum +2. Also a SAM Coupe, what the Spectrum should have been.

  Bingalau 20:43 23 Apr 2012

I thought we were talking about the Flaklands War. Might well have been trying to understand Finerty's post.

  morddwyd 09:01 24 Apr 2012

Ah! Those happy days (and nights, and many of them) laboriously writing a programme to cumulatively work out the petrol consumption of the car!

  Aitchbee 11:15 24 Apr 2012

I remember typing in a flight simulator game from a computer took about a week...and successfully took off and landed...even although I have never been in a real plane...the paying passengers might have 'had kittens', the way I piloted the virtual aircraft ;o]

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