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it is time to walk away from the EU

  roger.roger 15:07 20 Sep 2018

and keep our money.

tusk says deal will not work

  Forum Editor 18:25 15 Nov 2018

"Regardless of what happens in our Parliament the final outcome is totally in the hands of the 27 EU member states."

Perhaps only 20 of them.

What will happen can go two ways - if the current deal is rejected by our parliament, the government has 21 days in which to come up with a new one. Potential outcomes are:-

we would exit with no deal

we would re-negotiate

we would have a General Election

we would have a referendum - not on the decision to leave, but on the deal options.

Once a deal has been agreed by parliament an EU exit Bill is introduced. Once that has passed, the European parliament votes on it, and the simple majority vote applies. Then it goes to the EU Council for approval and 20 members have to agree.

Once that happens, it's over - we exit the EU on an agreed date in March 2019.

What happens between now and that date is anyone's guess - we are currently facing a constitutional nightmare. I would not want to be in the situation facing Theresa May right now.

  wee eddie 18:47 15 Nov 2018

If TM goes, we get another Politician who tries to leave ~ Same scenario.

So, we get another Politician, who decides to ignore the Referendum ~ Guess what, same scenario but with positions reversed.

  john bunyan 19:28 15 Nov 2018

With Labour, SNP, DUP, Lib Dem’s and a substantial number of Tories due to vote against the deal , the only hope for poor Mrs May is that a lot of Labour MP’s vote against the whip. It is unlikely that the EU will make further concessions so the chance of a “No Deal” is rising. It seems a waste of time for the Tories to change leaders as the choice is the same - this deal or no deal. It seems that Ollie Robbins , her Brexit Guru , is the one to blame for the loss of 2 Brexit Secretaries as he was negotiating with the EU , by passing the Brexit office

  Quickbeam 23:34 15 Nov 2018

We've certainly dug ourselves into very deep hole over this in invoking A50 in the rush to show that we were in charge of something or another without giving any thought before hand to just exactly what we wanted or was capable of achieving.

Now we have the Brexit extreme sniffing blood for a cliff edge exit that will harm all but those very wealthy hardliners that can survive a financial holocaust without personal hurt.

An opposition that still isn't sure what side of the fence to fall to and the 3 minor UK countries at each other's throats about who's going to have an advantage over the other.

What happened to to the bright post Brexit dream for all? This has just become a big bloody mess, the nightmare on Downing St, with no obvious way forward, and all apparently in the name of democracy.

  carver 12:02 16 Nov 2018

It seems that right after the brexit vote things have gone wrong, first Cameron just quitting and walking away didn't help. then May calling an election she didn't need to have resulting in her losing a majority and having to broker a deal with the UDP. Then to top it all the EU decided that no matter what we came up with they would vote it down. The EU can not or did not want us to leave because of rising discomfort and alarm within some states as to the control the unelected officials in Brussels have over europe. Merkel and her immigration policies are turning some states into war zones and they are rebelling, something the EU are afraid off. So we may have problems with Brexit but they are not all our causing, the EU are trying to make an example of us and it's backfiring on them, if it is seen that we can leave and make a success as a country in spite of EU then you could see more doing same. We as a nation are not people who give up, we fight as we have done for centuries and I for one do not want to be ruled by a German empire as Merkel has set out. Who on here wants to see our soldiers just become a part of a EU army controlled by Brussels with the aim of "protecting us from China/ Russia and best of all USA, now that is worrying. .

  Pine Man 15:11 17 Nov 2018

Just come back off my holidays bouncing up and down in a tin can on rough seas for three weeks! I managed to avoid all news and discussions with fellow passengers about brexit and came back anticipating no news being good news.

For the first time in two years it appears that both the remainers and the brexiteers can now agree on something - it's all BAD news!!

  Quickbeam 15:22 17 Nov 2018

You holidayed on Mars...?

  Pine Man 16:20 17 Nov 2018

You holidayed on Mars...?

No - the menu was quite varied actually;-)

  Quickbeam 16:22 17 Nov 2018

Boom ditty boom boom... :-)

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