it is time to walk away from the EU

  roger.roger 15:07 20 Sep 2018

and keep our money.

tusk says deal will not work

  LastChip 14:09 28 Sep 2018

"And by the time we get back to where we are now, with luck and "optimism" on our side lots of small and medium size businesses would have folded up."

You can't possibly know that rickf - unless you have some sort of crystal ball that no one else has.

I've always taught my children, they can do anything they want to and for each in their own way, they've been pretty successful. Optimism is everything; pessimism is a road to disaster.

People (and countries) are successful because of a positive attitude, not a negative one.

  Forum Editor 15:41 28 Sep 2018

"People (and countries) are successful because of a positive attitude, not a negative one."

I couldn't agree more.

  rickf 17:45 28 Sep 2018

"People (and countries) are successful because of a positive attitude, not a negative one." And throwing caution to the wind is also advised as not wise. Of course Optimism on balance is a good thing but it has been hijacked as if it is the absolute truth. I may not be totally sure about what the future of Brexit is but it is equally absurd to persist on believing that it'll be fine. In short if I don't know so you don't either. However, the warning signs are already beginning to appear in front of your eyes.Turning a bling eye is never a good thing.

  Quickbeam 17:49 28 Sep 2018


I couldn't agree more...

  Quickbeam 17:53 28 Sep 2018

...and is the bling eye a typo or a Freudian slip ;-)

  rickf 20:56 28 Sep 2018

Well spotted. Intelligent people like you would know I meant blind. Getting old and eyes not as sharp as they used to be but I do have an eye out for the next generation's interests so maybe my vision is not as blurred as some would claim of my comments here.

  Quickbeam 08:02 12 Oct 2018

When the FE said that "...but it does seem to be looking more likely that we may end up having to settle for a customs union with the EU." I did wonder where he was coming from saying that as the government has insisted that they wouldn't accept any customs union.

Now it looks like this may well be on the table in the face of customs union Vs crash out.

Click here

  wee eddie 10:19 12 Oct 2018

Deals, made and done now, will be the basis of the haggling that goes on in the final hours of negotiation.

Do not expect anything, currently on the table, to come through that process unchanged.

  john bunyan 09:27 15 Nov 2018

A second Brexit Secretary has resigned ; chaos reigns. Both parties are split. If Mrs May is toppled I see a big chance of a second referendum or a change of government

  LastChip 09:52 15 Nov 2018

I suspect Dominic Raab won't be the last to resign.

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