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it is time to walk away from the EU

  roger.roger 15:07 20 Sep 2018

and keep our money.

tusk says deal will not work

  Aitchbee 21:57 23 Sep 2018

No it's time we walked away from Brexit.

One of the rare times where I vehemently disagree. Such a stupid and undemocratic statement that it is.

  Forum Editor 07:45 24 Sep 2018

Pine Man

"There you go again, anyone who disagrees with your view is bickering."

That is a rather paranoid response - Lots of people disagree with my views, and they're perfectly entitled to put their own arguments, as are you.

What I was objecting to is this constant desire to find someone to blame for absolutely everything. It's an incredibly negative attitude. If you want to argue against something do so, but it isn't necessary to run a blame culture. It seems to happen more and more these days - everyone wants to find a culprit.

  Pine Man 08:27 24 Sep 2018

Paranoid - moi?

  alanrwood 09:34 24 Sep 2018

One of the rare times where I vehemently disagree. Such a stupid and undemocratic statement that it is.#

Why is it undemocratic to express my opinion. Unfortunately many Brexiteers do not want a second referendum because they are scared they might lose it when people know exactly what deal they are voting on. People do change their opinions when presented with additional info that is why governments are changed by elections. On the logic presented that the first referendum must be carried out is the same as saying when a government is elected that it is final and it should continue to govern even when it no longer enjoys a majority. Considering that neither of the 2 main parties has a consistent policy even a general election is unlikely to solve the problem leaving a second referendum, based on the final exit terms, as the only instrument available to settle the issue finally.

  Quickbeam 17:25 24 Sep 2018

However this mess finishes it'll certainly leave a divided society for several decades.

Whether we crash out, fudge a compromise or just abandon it, not many will be at all happy with the end result, the effect on the economy over the next decade, or opinions of the political parties complete inability to take control of things at the countries most critical time in modern history.

There is only one party with an unambiguous take on Brexit, and they're destined to return to being an also ran with the return to the two party monopoly.

The next general election will certainly be very unpredictable in the extreme depending on how we choose to cut our throats next March!

  wee eddie 17:41 24 Sep 2018

Both major Parties are divided, much in the same way as the Country is.

No Party Leader will have a clear mandate when it comes to decision time.

That is the penalty of living in a Democracy. One side wins, the other looses.

If they are close, it's sour grapes for years to come. Regardless of the outcome

  Aitchbee 13:27 25 Sep 2018

One side wins, the other looses.

Sounds to me lately that both the Labour and Conservative Parties are lookin' at a win-win result [for them] by remaining in the EU by hook-or-by-crook. Democracy is the only loser.

  Quickbeam 06:42 26 Sep 2018

It can be argued that democracy has failed if you interpret crashing out as delivering the 'will of the people' by hook or by crook.

The 'lets get out now at any cost' set are very vocal, but how many that voted leave, considered that that meant negotiating a favourable departure based on the premise of the Boris bus promises that have since proved to have been at best optimistic clap trap, and at worst, outright deliberate misleading statements that can never be realised.

  wee eddie 08:33 26 Sep 2018

Unfortunately, that's democracy for you. You could make similar, but not necessarily the same, arguments for the Remain Team.

Democracy asks for the People to Vote. They did.

The possibility that not all participants fully understood the ramifications of their choice, is neither here nor there.

  Quickbeam 08:41 26 Sep 2018

Very true wee eddie, I think that that's where the political historians will identify as being the start of Brexit polarization.

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