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Is it time to shut shop on PC Advisor forums?

  Brian Hamilton 17:00 10 Mar 2020

Just seems to be SPAM now. The world has moved on form this kind of low level tech advice.

  wee eddie 17:06 10 Mar 2020

Taking it off the Top Menu Bar was the first step.

While it is good PR for IDG, it is no longer bringing new Customers to the Site and, I fear, its days are numbered

  Brian Hamilton 17:09 10 Mar 2020

Yeah , i think you are write . its easy to confuse things on here , just by what you write.

  Brumas 18:06 10 Mar 2020

To use a clichéd phrase " in the old days" less technical folk like me, used the Helproom if they had any problem with their computer and they received sterling step-by-step advice which generally fixed the problem.

As they became more and more savvy they, myself included, were wont to talk about computer related subjects and just 'talk' in general - the old lounge springs to mind.

I started a thread about unidentified postcards and this ran for quite a while and when Fran had run out of them I started using known locations with the details obscured and for many a Friday night - 2066, we all had an interesting diversion.

We seem to have moved on from then and, if I am honest, if I have a computer problem (not so many since I saw the light and bought an iMac) I tend to Google it.

Blame Google or people's inclination to look for a quick fix and not how to actually fix it themself.

  Brian Hamilton 18:20 10 Mar 2020

No doubt, in its day it was a sterling place to come and seek advice. Now?? I wonder how many are spammers?

Plus the Tech Level of answers given, has fallen to just a bunch of home users giving advice on what they have picked up from some other mag such as CA or Google without understanding the issue..

What's amazing lately, someone will give the correct answer and you'll get a whole lot of rubbish attached to the thread commenting on the individuals experience.

  Brian Hamilton 18:27 10 Mar 2020

href back When

  Brian Hamilton 18:29 10 Mar 2020

That didn't come out well. Just try looking on the Way Back Then site.

href here

  Teabag. 20:06 10 Mar 2020

I see very little spam. Most of the threads, especially in speakers corner get plenty of views. If you are not to keen on the forums you don't have to read them.

  Brian Hamilton 20:29 10 Mar 2020

If you are not to keen on the forums you don't have to read them.

Now that sounds like IDG Staff Member response.

  AroundAgain 20:37 10 Mar 2020

I've had some excellent advice on this site and, personally, I would be very sorry to see it fall

  Teabag. 22:01 10 Mar 2020

Perhaps you should do some research and check my postings Brian Hamilton

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