Is it time to fill the fuel tanks up.

  Govan1x 15:28 30 Nov 2016

Opec is about to make a deal which will cut the flow of oil so we can expect big rises in the cost of fuel at the garages.

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  oresome 17:53 30 Nov 2016

The good news is that Shell's share price is up 4.28% and AMEC who service oil rigs are up 6.94% on the day as a result of this.

I spend several hundred pound a year on fuel, but I'm several thousand pounds adrift with oil related shares, so on balance I'm probably better off with higher fuel costs for a while until it bumps up the price of everything.

  morddwyd 21:30 30 Nov 2016

Excellent. If the big oil companies prosper, so will the world economy.

  bumpkin 22:10 30 Nov 2016

Whats a few pence on a litre of petrol. Just an excuse for everyone to up their prices disproportionately.

  wee eddie 12:34 01 Dec 2016

People will drive miles to save themselves a few pennies. Sometimes they spend more getting to the chosen garage than they save

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