Is it the states responsibility to feed your child

  oresome 12:01 07 Apr 2017

The latest Labour wheeze is to finance free school meals from a tax grab on parents who already finance state education and choose to send their children to private schools.

  Cymro. 12:39 07 Apr 2017

I have no objection to the idea. Many parents don't have the time or perhaps the inclination to make breakfast for themselves or their children in the morning. So if the parents don't do it then the state must step in. After all that is partly what the state is for looking after those unable or unwilling to look after themselves or their children.

As for the "tax grab on parents who already finance state education" well that's just how taxation works or should work. You take from each according to their means and give to those according to their needs.

  john bunyan 14:25 07 Apr 2017

Labour has also said it would restore free University tuition fees in England. Maybe a few very rich folk could afford a 20% hike in private school fees, but many could not, and the cost of many new state pupils that would result could well negate any gain. As usual this is an ill thought out plan , poorly costed. Tax and spend, as usual.

  Belatucadrus 14:48 07 Apr 2017

It has also been suggested that they aren't serious about it, they're just trying to divert attention from the latest Ken Livingstone fiasco.

  bumpkin 15:57 07 Apr 2017

It is the responsibility of parents to feed their children no one else.

  csqwared 16:09 07 Apr 2017

Sorry Cymro but if parents don't have the time or the inclination to feed their children in a morning, they are simply not fit to have children. To expect the state to 'step in' and do it for them is one of the reasons our once lauded benefits system finds itself in.

  Cymro. 10:51 09 Apr 2017

*simply not fit to have children. *

There are those who give their children a good hearty breakfast but are still not fit to have children. If the parents don't give their kids breakfast then who will? What do you suggest we do with children who aren't given breakfast before leaving home in the morning? Would you have them begging at the school gate?

  HondaMan 11:00 09 Apr 2017

If you cannot afford the not inconsiderable expense of children, then people should not have them but these days I am afraid young people do not think like that. They have to have everything they want, or think they do, at the outset, large screen tv, washer and dryer, new car, the list goes on. Peer pressure, perhaps, keeping up with the Joneses, almost certainly, greed, definitely.

  Cymro. 11:09 09 Apr 2017

If you cannot afford the not inconsiderable expense of children, then people should not have them

People have always had children whether they could afford them or not. The birthrate was very much higher than it is now and people were much poorer than they are now. This was right up to the 1950s. when people had birthcontrol of sorts but still had children if they could afford to or not. If we all waited till we could afford to bring up a family imagine what that would do to the birth rate and please don't say a lower birth rate would be a good thing as that has not always been so.

  Teabag. 11:11 09 Apr 2017

Our village school, 3 3/4 -11 age range, which is next door to us. Take children in from 7.30am to 6pm. Breakfast club starts at 7.30 and costs 50p a day.

  Cymro. 11:31 09 Apr 2017

**Our village school,

Breakfast club starts at 7.30 and costs 50p a day.**

Brilliant idea more schools should do the same.

Breakfast Clubs are free of charge to all children in Wales.

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