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Is it Spider season or something?

  martd7 13:22 07 Jul 2019

I have never seen so many spiders in my house,usually 1-2 a summer so far 7 since the weather warmed up

A combination of daddy long legs and brown spiders Thought insects were dying out,I've also seen more bees than any year for a long time which is good news

  john bunyan 07:51 08 Jul 2019

You and he could have had a good old ding dong had he been around! Not sure who would have been warned first. A slight compliment by the way.

  morddwyd 09:25 08 Jul 2019

I was in general on the same side,but often wished I had not been. He could, to say the least,, be a bit dogmatic, and was quick to take umbrage!.

I often felt that my views were lumped in with his.

  martd7 09:54 08 Jul 2019

Thought Spiders name may enter the conversation

  Govan1x 10:11 08 Jul 2019

Not sure if it was always spider 9 or whether he started as Just spider. Then got banned that often he made it to number 9.

maybe he did not want to get into double figures. [ I miss the discussions with him ]

Rightly so. Always controversial and had a wide variety of Questions and answers.

Be nice to see him return but I don't think he would handle all the adds that we have now. without a comment.

  john bunyan 13:01 08 Jul 2019


Sorry for the deviation. I agree about spiders; I have a small greenhouse and it’s hard to keep up with the web spinning.

  martd7 14:12 08 Jul 2019


It's fine,I wouldn't mind seeing spider 9 back here,it was entertaining

My house must have suddenly become a spider haven,there was one hanging off the door spinning a web this morning

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