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Is it Spider season or something?

  martd7 13:22 07 Jul 2019

I have never seen so many spiders in my house,usually 1-2 a summer so far 7 since the weather warmed up

A combination of daddy long legs and brown spiders Thought insects were dying out,I've also seen more bees than any year for a long time which is good news

  Quickbeam 15:13 07 Jul 2019

I thought that when I went into my garage last week after a weeks holiday!

  Old Deuteronomy 15:42 07 Jul 2019

Always loads of spiders in rural Somerset, this year is no exception.

  wee eddie 16:49 07 Jul 2019

Get some conkers in

  Quickbeam 18:41 07 Jul 2019

All the Chestnut trees are diseased!

  wee eddie 19:15 07 Jul 2019

Doesn't stop spiders disliking conkers.

By the way. All the spiders that you now see were recently too small to see, as they will be this years hatching

  john bunyan 19:43 07 Jul 2019

Where, however, is Spider9?

  wee eddie 20:00 07 Jul 2019

Mystified, what is Spider9?

  morddwyd 20:20 07 Jul 2019

Used to get them regularly, one or two a month, but very rarely since.

I sometimes wonder if she was seeing Hagrid behind my back!

  john bunyan 20:24 07 Jul 2019

A former, somewhat controversial, forum member who , due to being a little carried away with the Scottish Indy issues, unfortunately fell foul of the silver mouse. I miss the discussions with him but we may have bored others with long, but polite, arguments

  wee eddie 01:04 08 Jul 2019

Ah, it all comes back

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