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It is so hot (plus more words)

  Graham* 23:26 19 Jul 2016

I have had to turn my heaing down.

  Graham* 23:29 19 Jul 2016


  Quickbeam 00:03 20 Jul 2016

I was thinking I might turn mine off for a spell.

  davecartman 08:26 20 Jul 2016

We could do with some rain.

  Brumas 09:12 20 Jul 2016

Blame me, I put in a special request for the heat wave so as to get me in training for Malta next week ;o}}

  morddwyd 09:24 20 Jul 2016

Promised thunderstorm just started!

  Quickbeam 11:03 20 Jul 2016

Yesterday was 3° hotter than my nieces town in northern Italy.

But we only get 3 or 4 days a year this hot, she gets 4 months of it. I'd be happy with a steady 20°C for 4 months!

  Forum Editor 22:05 20 Jul 2016

I am currently in Tuscany, where we have had 32 degrees for the past three days. From what I hear, some of my more tender garden plants back home are suffering in the heat.

  Brumas 23:05 20 Jul 2016

Forum Editor

C'est la vie ;o}}

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:16 21 Jul 2016

Last week we were moaning about it being overcast and dull a month ago we were moaning about the floods.

What would we have to talk about if it weren't for the good o;d British climate?


  BT 08:26 21 Jul 2016

Its too hot.

The cat is searching for cool places to lie. He's got quite a fluffy coat, must be awful for him.

The No 2 freezer is struggling with the boost light on almost continuously.

I decided to cut my front lawn yesterday as they said it would be cooler - Bad choice!

Got to take the car in for its annual Service and MOT today. I usually have them collect it and bring it back but they couldn't do it this week so I have to sit and wait for a couple of hours. Just hope their AC is working OK

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