It seems like yesterday

  Legolas 19:32 15 Sep 2008

The other day my father showed me a poem he had found among some papers in his room, it was a poem about my younger brother that I had penned just after his birth.

The poem itself is not great but then I was only 11 but when my father showed me it all the memories of writing it came flooding back and although it was 40 years go it really did seem like yesterday.

Memories and what invokes them can be very random, with me it is often a smell that can suddenly whisk me back to some event in my childhood.

What does it for you?

  Jim Thing 19:46 15 Sep 2008

"What does it for you?"

For me it's a tune: "Just A Closer Walk With Thee." It was in our (seriously limited)repertoire when I played in the Winchester City Jazz Band back in 1952/3. We were quite dreadful but had lots of fun.

  exdragon 22:10 15 Sep 2008

Hearing 'Oh, Carol' on the radio transports me back to when I was 16 and the lad I was crazy about played it on the orange Dansette at the Church youth club...<sighs nostalgically>

Wonder what happened to him - not on this forum are you, Alan??

  Brumas 22:28 15 Sep 2008

Whenever I hear "Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain" by The Cascades, which I believe got to number 3 in the 1963 charts. Immediately takes me back to the Locarno Ballroom, Hull (affectionately known as the cattlemarket).The dance hall where I, as a devilishly handsome Elvis clone (artistic licence, c'mon) tried my hand and learnt the fair art of chatting up and dancing with the opposite sex. Happy days ;o))

  Forum Editor 23:38 15 Sep 2008

that the things which evoke a powerful and primal response are:-

1. Music or voices.

2. Scents.

3. locations.

All of which have sound evolutionary reasons behind them. We evolved in a world that was by and large a hostile place. We are tribal by nature, and to survive we needed to be able to tell the difference between a friend and an enemy, and to know where we were. There were no maps or SatNavs in those days, so it was important to develop that sense of 'I've been here before'. Familiar voices, and perhaps familiar tribal chants helped us to know who was who. We used our noses to smell water, food, and - just as importantly - each other. It's thought that we recognise someone whose genetics are likely to make a good match by their smell - we can literally sniff out a reliable father, or a good mother for ourselves.

  Chegs ®™ 07:58 16 Sep 2008

If I were to notice my GF smelled,I'm quite likely to politely point out the working shower rather than ask her to marry me. :)

  Legolas 09:41 16 Sep 2008

If the GF reads this you had better head for the hills lol

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