Is it possible to be more stupid? Well is it?

  Chronos the 2nd 11:43 07 Dec 2012

Yesterday I decided to wall mount a 6 gang extension lead in the bedroom. I removed the plugs which were inserted and unscrewed the face plate so I could mark the screw hole. Can you figure out what I missed, a pretty essential step I think you will find. Yep, I did not remove the extension lead plug from the wall socket.

So it came as no surprise when I got an electric shock,thats a lie because it did come as a surprise.LOL. Oddly though it was not particularly painful and I am sure I remember electric shocks being painful. Perhaps pain lessens in response to the stupidity involved.

So guys this is my story of stupidity Tell me yours

  Picklefactory 12:58 07 Dec 2012

As a young apprentice engineer, I was taught to always hit downwards, with the lead lump hammers we used, to tighten a machine vice.... good advice indeed.... which of course I ignored at 17 years old. These lead hammers weighed about 6lbs, I found out why the advice was so good when I struck upwards to loosen the vice, glanced off the vice handle and bashed myself in the mouth. Luckily for me, once the stars had subsided, I hadn't damaged myself other than my pride.

The 2nd daft thing about it was I still remember my thought process at the time

  1. Bash.... what the @#*% happened?
  2. Did anyone see me?????
  wiz-king 13:34 07 Dec 2012

I tried to run a lump of US army radio equipment via an auto transformer but got the wrong winding and put it 110 volts above earth. It worked OK and all was fine until I touched the chassis!

  Quickbeam 13:42 07 Dec 2012

I now and again (about every 18 months-ish) put the ground coffee into the coffee maker and find I've forgotten to put the water in, and as I'm then in a rush I put the water in forgetting that the heater element is now hot. As the cold water is poured in it instantly turns to steam and rushes out onto the dry ground coffee. Result - the kitchen is covered with the dry ground coffee.

It's a bit like when we used to lock cars doors without the key by pressing the button and holding the latch up while you closed it, the door is almost shut when you see the keys in the ignition, but for some reason you just can't cancel the command that's been sent from your brain!

  Chronos the 2nd 14:06 07 Dec 2012

the door is almost shut when you see the keys in the ignition, but for some reason you just can't cancel the command that's been sent from your brain!

LOL. Been there.

  wiz-king 14:48 07 Dec 2012

Another one of my stupidities - many years ago when I was but a yoof - the mains lead on one of my radios was too long and kept falling on the floor so I shortened it, next time I put the radio on it buzzed and the valves glowed white hot then it died. --- Note to self dont shorten resistive line cords!

  interzone55 16:04 07 Dec 2012

I used to work for a PC builder, and we'd just got one of the spanking new Intel P4 Extreme chips in for testing, they cost almost a grand each at the time.

They had a very fiddly heat sink which were an absolute bugger to fasten & unfasten, and I was only running a quick test to measure its clock rate, so I thought "I know, just smear on the thermal paste, and hold the heatsink in place"

Not my best ever plan as the very expensive CPU burnt out as it hit 150°C in milliseconds.

Luckily I was the first person to handle the chip, so nobody had seen it working, and they believed me when I said it had never worked...

  kad60 16:07 07 Dec 2012

Many years ago,as a 'greasy teen',i owned a GT250 Suzuki with Micron exhausts which needed cleaning and was told of one method of doing so,pour a small amount of petrol down both as they stood erect against a wall and then drop a match down,the resulting explosion would clear the deposits away from inside.

Good idea ,i said,off i went and did as suggested but instead of standing to one side i stood in front,the result was superficial burns to my face, luckily i wear glasses.

On hearing my scream and the 'bang' my brother ran out and dragged me inside the house to stuff my head under the tap whereon i proceeded to drown until he realised.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:09 07 Dec 2012

So very nearly Chronos the Expired!

  Blackhat 17:37 07 Dec 2012

After being on motorbikes for a few years I had to use my pedal bike to get some spares from the local bike shop during a repair job. I left my pedal bike on its stand outside the shop, when I left the shop I sat on my pedal bike, kicked up the stand and attempted to pull off by rotating the right hand handle bar grip (throttle).

Having fell flat on my side the guys in the bike shop were in tears of laughter.

When I became a car driver I once couldn’t work out what was wrong when the car wouldn’t move while trying to pull off. Worked OK after turning the ignition on!

I later had problems (in the dark) trying to find the slot for the ignition key until I noticed I was on the passenger side.

  sunnypete 18:03 07 Dec 2012

Didn't we all do daft things in the services, like fitting the top cap on a transceiver output valve at the same time as switching it on with the other hand...only 300 volts I believe...

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