Is it past your bed-time?

  Forum Editor 00:21 15 Feb 2011

here's the thing...

back in the old days, when I had a spring in my step, and the forum was but a baby forumette we used to have discussions that drifted on into the night.

Huddled in front of our shimmering CRT monitors, experts at coaxing Windows 98SE into running all evening without so much as a cough, and revelling in the heady speed provided by our dial-up connections we put the world to rights, over and over again.

Now it seems that almost everyone is tucked up with their teddy by 11:00pm - I can hear the snores from where I sit.

Have we all run out if things to talk about, or is there some other reason? I have no right to ask what time you go to bed, but anyway,what time do you normally turn in?

  Strawballs 02:33 18 Feb 2011

i do seem to be on my own again at 02:33

  Uboat 02:49 18 Feb 2011

Strawballs! nahhh im still here bud!

  Forum Editor 17:28 18 Feb 2011

For quite a few years I was working with people in Hong Kong and Singapore. I would go there, spend a couple of weeks on a project, and then come home and monitor things online. It meant working on corporate networks when the people in the offices there weren't at work,and then being available for them to ask questions and seek solutions when they got in. I got into the habit of staying up late at night, and working into the small hours.

I still do a bit of that, but not so frequently as before I'm delighted to say. Nowadays I'm usually in bed by midnight, or shortly thereafter.

  Legolas 21:36 18 Feb 2011

Not sure how my rather random bed time came about but I always go to bed at 21:40 and then I watch telly till around mid-night

We are creatures of habit.....well I am.

  JYPX 20:04 20 Feb 2011

Hmmmm...This thread started me wondering if I could cut the time I spend online, a drastic cut.
But then, on Friday Virgin cable went down in my neck of the woods. It just came back this morning. 3 days without the internet has been MUCH harder than I could have imagined. I may even investigate the possibility of a back up service.....!!!

  CurlyWhirly 22:25 21 Feb 2011

I'm on a permanent day shift (6am start) and so I can't really stay up till the small hours as I would be too knackered for work in the morning !

I do, however, lurk on the internet when I haven't got to get up for work i.e. friday night and saturday night.

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