Is it past your bed-time?

  Forum Editor 00:21 15 Feb 2011

here's the thing...

back in the old days, when I had a spring in my step, and the forum was but a baby forumette we used to have discussions that drifted on into the night.

Huddled in front of our shimmering CRT monitors, experts at coaxing Windows 98SE into running all evening without so much as a cough, and revelling in the heady speed provided by our dial-up connections we put the world to rights, over and over again.

Now it seems that almost everyone is tucked up with their teddy by 11:00pm - I can hear the snores from where I sit.

Have we all run out if things to talk about, or is there some other reason? I have no right to ask what time you go to bed, but anyway,what time do you normally turn in?

  Forum Editor 00:47 15 Feb 2011

Where would I be without my trusty band of lurkers?

Welcome to the night watch.

  beeuuem 03:19 15 Feb 2011

Yes it is.
I'm always full of good intentions to have an early night. And very rarely do!

  morddwyd 05:07 15 Feb 2011

While I retire any time between 7.00 and 9.30, depending on the state I'm in, my light normally goes out very close to 11.00.

Waking is a different matter, very much a variable feast, between 3.90 and 7.30.

  Bald Eagle 05:50 15 Feb 2011

I remember the days you mention FE! However, now I've retired it's 22.00 for me to go up the wooden hill. This is because when I worked in the power generation industry I could be called out at anytime. Try 02.00 on a freezing winter's morning!!!

  Quickbeam 09:04 15 Feb 2011

I go to bed when I'm tired, that can be anytime between 20:00 and 02:00.

Maybe like me others are growing out the miracle and the of the marvel of instant global involvement.

I've been drifting back to traditional pursuits and pastimes for a year or so now. In the past tear I've read more, shot more clay pigeons (they're still tough even when slow cooked...), walked on the moors more that's returned me to an interest in photography that waned for over a decade and taken music lessons that I never had time to do before. Why, I might even try the dreaded bungee jumping yet... Nah!

  Quickbeam 09:05 15 Feb 2011

...but I'm always up by 7:00.

  Quickbeam 09:13 15 Feb 2011

There's an orphaned 'the' above if anyone would care to take it in I'd be ever so grateful.

  Simsy 09:13 15 Feb 2011

and boy, do my working hours shift!
Which means that my sleep patterns are all over the place...

Having said that, more often than not I'm getting up for work at about 03:45, which means I should be in bed by, well, you can work it out.
Unfortunately, domestic pressures mean it's typically after 10 when I go to bed.

It's not all bad though, as when I am on one of the early shifts I typically finish at about 1:30 PM... I then cycle 17 miles home and have a couple of hours asleep on the sofa before my wife comes in.

If I'm on a whole night shift, 9PM-7AM, I hardly get any sleep. No matter how tired I am I just don't sleep well during the day. Fortunately I don't have to do nights too often!

The there's the late shifts, when I'll get in at something approaching midnight. I'm too wound up to go straight to bed, so that's when you'll find me lurking, and posting, in the early hours.



  canarieslover 09:33 15 Feb 2011

Ah! Those were the days when my mate's wife described his computer as " The most effective contraceptive device ever invented". I really can't think why? I do know though that the "only be on it an hour dear" is often quoted to me a couple of hours later.

  Forum Editor 09:59 15 Feb 2011

you're all normal then.

Years ago - too many to mention - I was involved in running a forum that was based in America. It was populated by people who constantly banged on about how they had developed a new paradigm for this or that. They talked as if they were all there on the astral plane, far removed from mere mortals.

It was some time before I realised that almost all of them hadn't a clue what they were talking about, but it didn't matter to them - they were happy.

There was one small group who made more sense, and we swapped posts in what were the early hours for me. After some weeks of this they revealed to me that they were US army people, working in a secret location 'somewhere in Arizona', and were using the army's high-speed network to chat on the internet when things were quiet. Nobody was monitoring them - try doing that now and it would be a different story.

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