Is it past your bed-time?

  Forum Editor 00:21 15 Feb 2011

here's the thing...

back in the old days, when I had a spring in my step, and the forum was but a baby forumette we used to have discussions that drifted on into the night.

Huddled in front of our shimmering CRT monitors, experts at coaxing Windows 98SE into running all evening without so much as a cough, and revelling in the heady speed provided by our dial-up connections we put the world to rights, over and over again.

Now it seems that almost everyone is tucked up with their teddy by 11:00pm - I can hear the snores from where I sit.

Have we all run out if things to talk about, or is there some other reason? I have no right to ask what time you go to bed, but anyway,what time do you normally turn in?

  [email protected] 00:27 15 Feb 2011

I have a job where I work mostly in the evenings, and lately I've found my bed time slipping later and later, as late as 5am a few nights ago! It is therefore not unusual to see me making posts during the hours when few other people are around.

That said, I don't post all that frequently in the forums so I suspect most members won't recognise my name, although I do lurk around a lot.

  Forum Editor 00:47 15 Feb 2011

Where would I be without my trusty band of lurkers?

Welcome to the night watch.

  robgf 01:22 15 Feb 2011

I usually toodle off to bed about 2am. But I try not to post after about midnight.

  beeuuem 03:19 15 Feb 2011

Yes it is.
I'm always full of good intentions to have an early night. And very rarely do!

  morddwyd 05:07 15 Feb 2011

While I retire any time between 7.00 and 9.30, depending on the state I'm in, my light normally goes out very close to 11.00.

Waking is a different matter, very much a variable feast, between 3.90 and 7.30.

  Bald Eagle 05:50 15 Feb 2011

I remember the days you mention FE! However, now I've retired it's 22.00 for me to go up the wooden hill. This is because when I worked in the power generation industry I could be called out at anytime. Try 02.00 on a freezing winter's morning!!!

  uk-wizard 05:51 15 Feb 2011

It was when you posted! I get up for work about 4.30 and by the time I have had my first coffee and listened to the weather forecast it's 5.30, out the door before 5.55 to miss the first train at the level-crossing - I hate standing there waiting for the train to get out the way. So bed time is usually about 22.00 ish.

  wolfie3000 06:50 15 Feb 2011

Late at night staring at an old CRT using win98SE,
Brings back alot of memories.

click here

Still lurk alot on PCA nowadays but usually now playing PW.

  al's left peg 07:25 15 Feb 2011

I do constant nightshift now so every night is a late night for me!!

  Quickbeam 09:04 15 Feb 2011

I go to bed when I'm tired, that can be anytime between 20:00 and 02:00.

Maybe like me others are growing out the miracle and the of the marvel of instant global involvement.

I've been drifting back to traditional pursuits and pastimes for a year or so now. In the past tear I've read more, shot more clay pigeons (they're still tough even when slow cooked...), walked on the moors more that's returned me to an interest in photography that waned for over a decade and taken music lessons that I never had time to do before. Why, I might even try the dreaded bungee jumping yet... Nah!

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