Is it my imagination?

  anskyber 14:43 12 Jun 2008

Or has the font for our member names changed to a larger one?

  dagbladet 15:03 12 Jun 2008

Where is our member name?

  Forum Editor 15:08 12 Jun 2008

Only another 17,000 to go, and you've won the Forum Editor's special award for 2008.

  anskyber 15:11 12 Jun 2008

"Only another 17,000 to go"

Reminds me of the old green stamps at petrol stations.

  Stuartli 15:31 12 Jun 2008

I did notice that a bold item in another thread posting had a slightly larger font, but assumed (incorrectly) that it had been a cut and paste.

  Forum Editor 16:02 12 Jun 2008

Do a screen grab for posterity, before we put it right.

  johndrew 16:16 12 Jun 2008

`Reminds me of the old green stamps at petrol stations.`

I wish you hadn`t mentioned those. It brings back memories of many crumpled and dust ridden stamps that were removed from the glove box, every time we got a new book, that needed licking and sticking in .... yuck!!!

  laurie53 08:23 18 Jun 2008

Glad to see things have returned to normal.

I found it ever so slightly distracting as it tended to dominate the post.

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