It must be Sunday again (is this a repeat?)

  chub_tor 10:07 20 Jan 2013

A minute or so ago I asked if anyone else was having a problem with accessing My Posts but it didn't publish. That post was made on IE10 and this one on Firefox 19. Sorry if it is a double posting but the question remains - is it me with a problem of access or is it my machine?

  muddypaws 10:10 20 Jan 2013

Same here 'unable to find page.'

  muddypaws 10:11 20 Jan 2013

Should have signed last as muddypaws

  chub_tor 10:13 20 Jan 2013

I too should have noticed that my post had no name - chub_tor here

  Kevscar1 10:16 20 Jan 2013

PCA seems to have had so many problems maybe it's time to go back because I'm starting to get really fed up

  Kevscar1 10:19 20 Jan 2013

since getting infinity I can now download an hour long TV program faster than the forum pages load

  chub_tor 10:24 20 Jan 2013

I only spend a few hours a week on here and the vast majority of those are trouble free, it is the weekends that seem to be troublesome but the sad thing it seems to be the same problems repeating themselves i.e. no access to My Posts and no names on the posts. Apart from that the site is fast and responsive whereas in the past we have had to put up with sluggishly turning pages and slow refresh. Chub_tor

  johndrew 11:12 20 Jan 2013

I am experiencing the same symptoms as Chub_tor - and probably everyone else.


  Quickbeam 11:14 20 Jan 2013

Me too...

  Chronos the 2nd 11:24 20 Jan 2013

A pretty poor standard for a PC magazine. I expect the usual excuses, massive amount of traffic overwhelming servers or whatever reason is being trotted out these days.

  Al94 11:33 20 Jan 2013

I visit several forums and this is the only one with constant issues, the rest just --- work!

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