It might get a bit smelly

  smartpoly 13:36 23 Aug 2010

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A couple of months before rescue!

How do you keep busy for that long? 33 of them in a space the size of a small flat. I hope they get on with each other.

  Bingalau 13:43 23 Aug 2010

They have no option but to get on with each other.

  peter99co 14:35 23 Aug 2010

God speed the drill.

  Blackhat 14:48 23 Aug 2010

They are now saying at least 4 month before rescue. Now that really is long time in the same room.
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  johndrew 15:01 23 Aug 2010

I guess it is now incumbent on the rescuers to drill more (and if possible) bigger holes to provide ventilation, water, food, power and communications. One smallish hole - I've seen it reported as the size of a grapefruit - is not going to be enough.

  peter99co 16:33 23 Aug 2010

Rescuers plan to send narrow plastic tubes down the narrow borehole already drilled with food, hydration gels and equipment that will allow them to communicate with relatives - including cameras and microphones.

  morddwyd 20:36 23 Aug 2010

It's a long time until you realise the alternative would last for all eternity!

  johndrew 09:39 24 Aug 2010

Might sound a bit grim, but it would all depend on how deep future archaeologists dug!!

  lotvic 09:46 24 Aug 2010

I just hope they get them all out safely.
It's a horrendous situation to be in.

  peter99co 17:55 24 Aug 2010

They have connected then up to the surface by phone but have decided not to tell them it may be December before they get out.

If the drill breaks they will only tell them after it has been repaired.

Plan B?

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