Is it just me?

  smudge101 22:33 25 Nov 2004

I have been messing about with computers for many years now, I started programming with Cobol & assembler in the early eighties and have been both self taught and then studied at Uni. I am lucky enough now to be doing my hobby for a living (so I should be reasonably competent).
But the thing that really amazes me is this: everytime I look around these forums or decide to study a new area I am suprised by just how much I do NOT know.
I guess it is the old "The more I learn the less I know" syndrome.
Is it just me or does anybody else find the same thing?

  Jackcoms 23:11 25 Nov 2004

Yep, we all find the same thing.

If anyone tells you they know it all, they're either a liar, a self-opinionated bore or both! :-)

  stalion 23:19 25 Nov 2004


  Bandy 18:30 26 Nov 2004

The day I think I kbow it all will br the day that I really know that I've gone ga ga

  paddyjack 20:02 26 Nov 2004

But remember that your offspring assume that you know it all

  smudge101 20:13 26 Nov 2004

I know the person you mean, I am sure I have met him!

  Chris the Ancient 20:16 26 Nov 2004

If you know a little bit more than the other guy, *you* are the genius!

  jack 20:45 26 Nov 2004

I have always found that , when you get to the platau, theres another to scale just along a bit.

I have also found that when ever I am told by an expert that 'No lad it cant be done' I get this feeling that someone somewhere - just did
Keep at.
There is always some thing you dont know or as in my case - did know but now I need the gen have to come here to be told it all over again.

  Mysticnas 21:28 28 Nov 2004

"But remember that your offspring assume that you know it all"


"your offspring assume you 'think' you know it all"


  watchful 18:16 30 Nov 2004

Most people probably feel this way. I feel that I know nothing about computers when I read some of these threads and I'm sure it's true that 'the more you learn, the less you know.'

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