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It just makes you want to lie down in a dark room

  BT 09:18 10 Jan 2019

I was browsing Amazon yesterday looking at Digital kitchen scales and reading the Q&As and comments.

On one Question the poster wanted to know if in addition to weighing in Grammes and lbs/ozs the scale also measured in CUPS

  Belatucadrus 09:36 10 Jan 2019

Was that metric or imperial cups ?

  wee eddie 09:56 10 Jan 2019

The American "Cup" is a measure of volume rather than weight

  BT 12:30 10 Jan 2019

The American "Cup" is a measure of volume rather than weight


  morddwyd 09:19 12 Jan 2019

It is a perfectly standard American measure and appears in many recipes.

A cup of flour is 120 gms, 4 1/4 ounces imp.

  BT 09:36 12 Jan 2019


I take your point providing that you are using 'standard' cups, but its not really practical to have a scale that weighs in cups.

The original idea of the CUP measurement was that it was a relative measurement and could be in theory be used with any size cup or container, back in the days when many people didn't have scales to measure ingredients. Its probably not the ideal way to measure things as its so dependant on just how the product is packed in the cup.

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