it happened 20 years ago , its history

  KEITH 1955 12:17 10 Jun 2019

You will no doubt have seen the news story about Michael Gove taking drugs over 20 years ago , this was followed by several more prominent people saying guess what we did it as well. Other people coming clean helped to take some of the press hit squads away from Michael but whilst I don't condone drug taking my thread title says it all , it happened 20 years ago its history. What I would object to is if a prominent person had a certain political job NOW , but in their personal life away from politics they were doing the opposite of what they were representing.

  morddwyd 20:08 10 Jun 2019

He broke the law and got away with it, criminal law. That does not make for a good Prime Minister.

  Forum Editor 20:35 10 Jun 2019

If we start along the road of expecting all our politicians to be squeaky clean in every respect we are doomed to failure. Churchill was full of human failings, but he has nevertheless been acknowledged as one of the greatest Prime Minsiters of all time.

Politicians are human beings, with human failings, just like the rest of us. Saying that someone should not be considered as suitable for public office because of something he did 20 years ago, and which he has not - as far as I know - made any attempt to deny is ludicrous. He was not prosecuted, so he does not have a criminal record.

He's an easy target because nowadays journalists are to find out almost everything about almost anyone, but I imagine that many of those in the media who are baying for Michael Gove's blood have themselves used cocaine. I think it's time we all had a good dose of commonsense, and realised that if we want to exclude everyone who ever did something wrong from The House of Commons there would be very few people there.

  wee eddie 21:11 10 Jun 2019

If in doubt as to where the "Politicians Without Sin" idea might go - Read Evelyn Waugh's "Vile Bodies"

  Quickbeam 06:19 11 Jun 2019

I'd normally agree that what was in the past, should stay in the past.

His problem is in the hypocrisy that would see a teacher loose their lively hood for life with no second chance, while he claims that escape route for himself.

He wants jam on both sides, which is never an acceptable option.

But if it becomes a choice between his past coke habit and Boris' icing sugar habit...

  morddwyd 08:37 11 Jun 2019

It's not the fact that he made the mistake, but that he has not paid the price as an ordinary lad would probably have done.

Class A in the Students' Union is not as likely to be picked up as in my local hostelry.

  BT 08:48 11 Jun 2019

he has not paid the price as an ordinary lad would probably have done

Probably not. There have always been and will always be people who take substances that are not lawful and most of them get away with it and no-one is any the wiser. I don't condone it but for most of them its a right of passage and has not affected their lives in the greater scheme of things. We shouldn't judge people now by these things as long as its in their past.

  Quickbeam 08:56 11 Jun 2019

But he still wants to judge teachers after the event.

  john bunyan 09:10 11 Jun 2019

The Bible, John, 8: 7

  Quickbeam 10:10 11 Jun 2019

Those that live in glass houses...

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