As it getting near the festive season

  Ungus 12:41 20 Nov 2015

As the festive season draws near I thought it would be time to tell a few funny stories to lighten the load of an ever increasing gloomy world. Thursday was helping a friend move his cattle into the byre to get their shots from the vet, now as some may know cattle don't always do what you want. Now this pal of mine got a new bull over from Tyree and it was in another part of the byre, its a by young bull. When we got all the cattle in we thought we would move the bull to another shed. So the young lass with us opened the Gate before we were ready the bull saw the open gate and made a run for it. Now the farm straddles a narrow road so the bull took off up the road at speed me and my pal jumped on the quad and took after the bull with farm collies in hot persuit. On rounding a bend we saw a bunch of hill walkers coming down the road and the look on their faces will stay with me for a while as the bull galloped past with two men on a quad and collies thinking this was great fun. The bull eventually it tired jumped a fence into a field and refused to play ball, in the end we had to get a cow out of the byre and entice it back into another byre. Honestly there is nothing like farming when a plan goes wrong.

  Brumas 14:27 20 Nov 2015

Ungus, Well, it made me chuckle :o}}

  spuds 16:38 20 Nov 2015

"Well, it made me chuckle :o}}"

Brought back happy memories of riding an horse near the Giza pyramids in Egypt. He knew the ropes, I didn't, and it become more evident as we headed at speed towards a bus load of tourists, who had just stepped out of the bus to admire the view.

Fortunately, he made a slight detour before we reach the scene of possible carnage and international crisis. My exact thoughts at that time " You 'B', you did that on purpose". The admiration for that horse, will remain with me forever.

  Brumas 17:58 20 Nov 2015


Reading what spuds wrote made me remember of an incident with an intelligent horse so I hope you do not mind me hijacking your thread?

I was a galley boy on my first trip to Australia in 1966 and when we reached Brisbane an old farmer? came aboard and asked if anybody would fancy an afternoon horse riding for five bob! I couldn't believe it when the chief cook said we, the pantry boy and I, could have the afternoon off so we legged it before he could change his mind.

We got in the back of this battered old pickup and drove for a while until we came to a farm/stables next to a river. Never having been within six foot of a horse before we asked him how do you start it and, most importantly, how do you stop it. We mounted up (after a fashion) and the horses just padded along for a mile or so until we came to this large fenced in field. We larked about for ages, couldn't get the horses to do anything - we wanted to gallop around and play cowboys and indians if the truth be told!

At 16:00 both horses turned their heads, we couldn't control them, and plodded back to the farm where two nosebags were waiting - I'm sure the buggers were smiling!!

I suffered for all that unaccustomed exercise the next day!!

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