It doesn't happen very often

  Condom 23:07 27 Sep 2008

I sold all my B&B shares 12 months ago and boy do I feel good now. It is not very often that that happens.

  MAJ 23:17 27 Sep 2008

Bed and Breakfast?

  rdave13 23:33 27 Sep 2008

If there is such a thing as luck then you struck gold. Good one.
Err.. just a thought.. your forum name is " sach ddyrnu" in Welsh... cough... ;)

  MCE2K5 00:14 28 Sep 2008
  laurie53 10:24 28 Sep 2008

Definite result!

Well done.

  Animalmagic 10:37 28 Sep 2008

But now its Nationalised Does this mean the "Last Saloon" for them tax payers picking up the bill yet again i belive

  spuds 12:08 28 Sep 2008

I still cannot understand how a company can lose 95/99% of its share value over the past 12 months, and loud alarms bells were not ringing.

The government (and the tax payer) must be quaking in their shoes, because there must be other establishments in the very same position, who have been watching the rescues, and are now seeking bail-out plans.

Perhaps I am a lone voice, but I think that the governments, whether that is in the UK or elsewhere, should freeze any form of pensions,bonuses, golden handshakes that the 'managers' of these failing businesses seem to be allowed to keep.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:44 28 Sep 2008

Shares in financial institutions have been slipping for yonks but the directors and bankers chose not to worry, sweep it under the carpet and hoped that the Government would bail them out.

The amount of critical debt leverage in The States is now $68 trillion and the US Govt. want to rectify this with a $700 billion cash injection....they are having a fiscal laugh.

All UK (and the rest of the world) pension funds rely on share's earnings to pay their commitments and many have also invested heavily in shopping precincts and office blocks. These are the areas that have been heavily hit, are unlikely to recover for a generation and if I had invested a lot into my pension, to provide an income after retirement, I would be rather concerned.


  spuds 13:31 28 Sep 2008

Pensions, and thats possibly an overlooked and confused point of the 'average' pension holder. Every year, I receive a pension forecast from one large pension fund provider. And every year the forecast appears to state that my dues are reducing and the pension funds administration charges are increasing on a larger percentage. Now I and no doubt many other people in similar circumstances, are suppose to feel very happy about this.

No point in trying to transfer the funds, because due to regulations, there is a very great possibility that I would fair even worse off.

There was a program on television the other evening, when one 'world war 2 hero' saw his funds reduce by two thirds. Like many other people, he was wondering where all this (his)money had gone.

  Condom 16:43 28 Sep 2008

As I live near the Welsh border in Shrewsbury your translation will indeed be useful (if I knew how to pronounce it). This is a nickname I inherited in the far east where I spend much of my time. The locals have problems saying my name which is Gordon and it comes out condom. It stuck and I use it in preference to gordon 351 or something similar which is harder to remember.

  oresome 18:01 28 Sep 2008

I sold my HBOS shares shortly after the demutualisation of the former building society several years ago, thank goodness.

If only I'd sold BT during the dot com boom! I think they reached the giddy heights of around £14 per share back then. Now less than £2.

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