It could only happen in England!!

  rawprawn 13:27 30 Jun 2007

If it were not for reality it would be hilarious.
A 5 man terrorist cell spends weeks plotting, preparing, and delivering a car bomb, only to have a "Jobsworth" Parking Warden slap a ticket on it and have it towed away.
Where else but England.

  Jackcoms 13:42 30 Jun 2007

I think, in fact, that the real story here is not about the Jobsworth traffic warden - he was quite correctly doing his job.

The real idiots in this instance are the brain dead terrorists who chose to leave a vehicle on (presumably) double yellow lines on a major thoroughfare in Central London thinking/hoping that nobody would notice.

  tullie 13:44 30 Jun 2007

Correct Jackcoms

  Forum Editor 13:47 30 Jun 2007

for that 'Jobsworth' parking attendant, I say.

  MrNerdy 13:51 30 Jun 2007

As Shaw Talyor used to say, keep your eyes peeled!

  Cymro. 13:54 30 Jun 2007

When you say "It could only happen in England" Don`t you mean Britain?. There are traffic wardens in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland too.

I take your point though. I bet some comedian will have thought up a new joke about it before the end of the day.

  Forum Editor 13:56 30 Jun 2007

I met some clients for dinner, and we walked right past the spot where the Mercedes was discovered. It was about 11:00 at night when we left the restaurant, and the streets were full of people milling around.

If that bomb had exploded there would have been a lot of deaths and/or serious injuries.

  Jackcoms 15:37 30 Jun 2007

"If that bomb had exploded there would have been a lot of deaths and/or serious injuries"

Er, that was the perpetrators intention wasn't it?

  Cymro. 15:45 30 Jun 2007

Yes I quite agree,
but then I dare say they will still be glad of all chaos they have caused and the way they see it the publicity is something worth having.

  rawprawn 15:50 30 Jun 2007

I was not trying to make fun of the attempted bombing, I just saw the funny side of the English (British) way the day was saved.In America everything would have been Gung Ho and John Wayne, here it is a parking warden.Almost like a Carry On Film.
I will mark this as resolved as I have no wish to offend anyone or belittle the incident.

  Pine Man 15:50 30 Jun 2007

There is no such thing as a parking warden. You have either a Traffic Warden or a Parking Attendant and, believe me there is a significant difference!

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