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Is it a bridge too far for Boris?

  canarieslover 11:49 19 Jan 2018

Boris Johnson suggests a bridge across the Channel to France. As someone who lives close to the Queen Elizabeth bridge across the Thames and suffers complete gridlock every time the wind blows strongly I really don't think it's a good idea at all. At least tunnels aren't affected by the winds which is why the proposed new Thames crossing is going under it.

  canarieslover 14:20 21 Jan 2018

Just a thought. Would there have to be a crossover built in the middle to allow for the switch from driving on the left to driving on the right. Could be chaos if we met someone coming from France while we are going there!!!

  bumpkin 14:37 21 Jan 2018

Bridge or tunnel, it would not seem an appropriate time to spend vast amoumts of money such projects.

  Forum Editor 15:24 21 Jan 2018


The crossover from driving on one side to driving on the other would automatically take place on the spiral ramp entrances and exits at the ends of the two bridges. The ramp structures would have service areas with appropriate signage - you drive through the tunnel on one carriageway, and drive back on the other one.

  Quickbeam 17:56 22 Jan 2018

Drive to France on our left side and return on their right side and half the cost is saved needing only the one bi-directional carriageway!

  Forum Editor 18:09 22 Jan 2018


If only.

Heavy lorries would use this tunnel, and they would have their own dedicated lane both ways. In addition, there would have to be a spare lane in both directions for the emergency services.

  bumpkin 18:24 22 Jan 2018

Imagine the cost of that, perhaps the government can find a way to give the contract to Carrillion.

  qwbos 23:29 22 Jan 2018
  Quickbeam 04:53 23 Jan 2018

I seem to recall that the one of reasons given for the current tunnel being rail rather than road, was that the reliability of railway locomotives could be controlled by the tunnel operator. Whereas an open to general traffic tunnel would bring a great variance of reliability from well maintained newish cars to never maintained old bangers. A single private vehicle breakdown in an under Channel tunnel would cause havoc on a grand scale compared to the minor havac caused on a short bridge crossing!

  Quickbeam 04:55 23 Jan 2018

...not mention the inevitable rear end shunts as bored drivers start to play with media devices!

  morddwyd 10:29 23 Jan 2018

There is now a postulation that there is no reason why there should not be a bridge between Scotland and Ireland!

That would bring a new dimension to the border question!

What next? Southampton to Boston?

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