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Is it a bridge too far for Boris?

  canarieslover 11:49 19 Jan 2018

Boris Johnson suggests a bridge across the Channel to France. As someone who lives close to the Queen Elizabeth bridge across the Thames and suffers complete gridlock every time the wind blows strongly I really don't think it's a good idea at all. At least tunnels aren't affected by the winds which is why the proposed new Thames crossing is going under it.

  bumpkin 16:25 19 Jan 2018

With no slip roads.

  Forum Editor 19:25 19 Jan 2018

There is a 24 kilometre road tunnel in Norway - it's the world's longest road tunnel, and it has an extensive array of safety measures.

There are emergency phones marked "SOS" every 250 metres via which you can contact the police, fire departments, and hospitals. Fire extinguishers are placed every 125 metres. Whenever an emergency phone in the tunnel is used or a fire extinguisher is lifted, stop lights and electronic signs reading "turn and exit" are displayed throughout the tunnel, and 2 other electronic signs on both sides of the entrance saying "Tunnel closed" come on automatically. There are 15 turning areas which were constructed for buses and heavy lorries. In addition to the three large turning caverns, emergency niches have been built every 500 metres. There are photo inspections and counting of all vehicles that enter and exit the tunnel at two security centres. There is also special network wiring in the tunnel so radio and mobile phone communication can take place.

After the tunnel was opened in 2000, the operators realised that a lot of excessive speeding was taking place, and there are no sophisticated speed cameras along its entire length.

Building something like that under the English Channel would be prohibitively expensive, and extremely difficult to operate - imagine the border control and security implications.

  morddwyd 20:09 19 Jan 2018

I will place my explosives expertise at the disposal pf the authorities in deciding where to place the charges if Brexit talks break down!

  john bunyan 20:37 19 Jan 2018


I also once was a demolition supervisor and even attended a course entitled "Industrial Demolitions" , so maybe we could team up?

  bumpkin 20:42 19 Jan 2018

FE, an interesting explanation, thanks. It makes me wonder why a road tunnel to France is not viable then. I am asking only out of interest and any further explanations welcome.

  canarieslover 22:08 19 Jan 2018

I don't doubt that a bridge could be built over the channel, it's just that I doubt that it could be windproof. With the Dartford Crossing being part of the M25 it doesn't take much of a hiccup to turn the area into gridlock for 10 miles around it. Winter closures of the bridge happen several times a year and it was 'fortunate' that one of these closures happened on the evening of a consultation meeting regarding the proposed new crossing. The government reps found out the hard way exactly what we were complaining about with a bridge being a non viable option. Luckily we only had a short walk home from from the meeting but those in cars did not even start getting away, very slowly, until after 10pm. Point made by nature!!

  Quickbeam 06:23 20 Jan 2018

"If we put some bike lanes on it, we may get some EU funding."

Only on the french half, then they'll be at the peril of our drivers on our half where government cuts on the back of Brexit fall!

I heard talk of it using several linked islands that could have profitable duty free shopping malls and casinos on them... how long before we taxed the road users to negate that advantage. how long before a ship crashes into one, and what an attractive terror target they would be.

Another rail tunnel is the obvious solution to increasing traffic flow.

  Cymro. 15:51 20 Jan 2018

Link to Huffpost

To be honest I haven't bothered to read what Huffingtonpost has to say about a chanel bridge but there may be some of you who will find it of interest.

  qwbos 16:07 20 Jan 2018

Donghai bridge . I'm sure that it was this bridge that was built curved as a road safety measure.

  Forum Editor 18:09 20 Jan 2018


"It makes me wonder why a road tunnel to France is not viable then."

The tunnel would need to be much wider than the existing rail tunnel, and boring a tunnel that wide under the sea bed would cost a huge amount - it wouldn't be financially viable.

A wide tunnel could be built by laying prefabricated sections into a trench cut into the sea bed, with spiral ramps up to bridges built out into the channel at either end. That method would be cheaper and faster, but would still be very expensive.

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