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Is it a bridge too far for Boris?

  Anon-1291838 11:49 19 Jan 2018

Boris Johnson suggests a bridge across the Channel to France. As someone who lives close to the Queen Elizabeth bridge across the Thames and suffers complete gridlock every time the wind blows strongly I really don't think it's a good idea at all. At least tunnels aren't affected by the winds which is why the proposed new Thames crossing is going under it.

  Anon-338298 11:58 19 Jan 2018

There are plenty of longer bridges in the world. In Europe the longest bridge is the Vasco da Gama bridge in Portugal. I've driven over that one several times, it's over 12 kilometres, and is pretty spectacular.

The technology is tried and tested, but quite apart from the weather, the English channel is the shipping equivalent of the M25 in rush hour - I very much doubt that a bridge will ever be built.

  Anon-336521 12:01 19 Jan 2018

He's really flipped this time

  Anon-264101 12:26 19 Jan 2018

If we put some bike lanes on it, we may get some EU funding.

  Anon-433127 12:34 19 Jan 2018

Should be able to pay for it out of a week or two from Boris' delusional £350 million a week (and more) savings in the far off days when we don't pay into the EU. Maybe sub contract it to a resurrected Carillion.

Here we are, up to our ears in debt, with the NHS, Defence, Education needing more money, the Chancellor not biting the bullet and increasing tax and insurance, and Boris floats a madcap idea, that might be an engineering possibility but is a non starter.

  Anon-319210 12:35 19 Jan 2018

A couple of good "sky hooks" to hold the bridge up and the shipping won't get affected.

However you would want to build your bridge at the shortest point across which is where the tunnel and Dover ferry is and it's bad enough trying to get there at the best of times ;0(

  Anon-518851 12:46 19 Jan 2018

I'm old enough to remember when a bridge was one of the options under consideration before the tunnel was built. I think the bridge was out of consideration because of it's high cost. I assume the same applies today so a new tunnel is more likely than any new bridge. Rather a pity as a bridge would be a very spectacular drive. There would also be the problem of bad weather and shipping traffic to consider. How would a more conventional tunnel appeal? one that you actually drove through not hitched a ride on as you do on the back of a train.

  Anon-338298 14:36 19 Jan 2018

"How would a more conventional tunnel appeal? one that you actually drove through not hitched a ride on as you do on the back of a train."

A road tunnel would be unsafe and unworkable.

  Anon-433127 14:56 19 Jan 2018

I heard a top bridge expert on the Today programme who said that , in view of the busy shipping lane, a bridge on each side would have to have a tunnel under the busiest section as an unsupported span would be too long in that sector.

  Anon-338298 15:44 19 Jan 2018

There's a bridge in Thailand that has a cable-stayed span of over 700 metres to allow for shipping to pass under.

I'm not sure I would want to be in a car on that span when a storm was blowing.

  Anon-1263287 16:23 19 Jan 2018

How would a more conventional tunnel appeal?

Not at all, motorways can be chaos with accidents and breakdowns. Imagine that in a tunnel.

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