Is it because they are French?

  Cymro. 10:24 26 Jan 2018

BBC link

I have always tried to believe that people are much the same all over the world although I do find it rather difficult to believe that to be so with a people who vote someone like Trump to be their president. So what do you make of this business with the cut price Nutella riots in France? I doubt if we Brits. would get so hetup if say Marmite or HP Sauce was sold at a reduced price. So what differences if any do you find from one nationality to the next?

  x123 10:43 26 Jan 2018

I take it you have not heard of the iron bru riots?


  Belatucadrus 11:41 26 Jan 2018

Interesting that a nation that prides itself on it's couture and cuisine and lauds itself over its self perceived cultural superiority is not above getting in a punch up over cut priced tooth rottingly sweet nut paste.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité merde, donne moi que c'est a moi. Coppez vous that gros cul. Ooooof au secours, mamon aidez mois, ou sont les gendarmes. Biff Pan Zock.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:21 26 Jan 2018

Belatucadrus struggled to translate the last part of your post but agre with the rest :0)

  alanrwood 13:36 26 Jan 2018

Don't see it as any different from the so called stiff upper lip English when they go to the Bpxing Day sales.

  Aitchbee 14:21 26 Jan 2018

I take it you have not heard of the iron bru riots?

Yeah, but they've now fizzled out.

  qwbos 15:13 26 Jan 2018


Bad choice of iconic products. HP sauce now made in Netherlands with changed recipe and Marmite owned by Unilever.

I don't know what others think of Nutella, but I found it to be about the most sickeningly sweet substance I'd ever tasted.

  wee eddie 20:01 26 Jan 2018

The same would probably happen in Glasgow if they dropped the price of Bucky to £1 a bottle

  bumpkin 23:58 26 Jan 2018

Is it because they are French?

No. stupidity is not racist, it can effect anyone although Americans do seem to have susceptibility to it.

  Quickbeam 07:05 27 Jan 2018

Marmite & HP Sauce is sold at reduced prices in B&M, but I dislike both intensely!

  Old Deuteronomy 16:30 27 Jan 2018

I found it to be about the most sickeningly sweet substance I'd ever tasted.

Not only that, I believe it contains very few nuts and no real chocolate. I have always avoided it and have no intention of breaking the habit of a lifetime.

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