Is it because most folk are on holiday

  jack 13:15 01 Jan 2010

The the E-mail side of things is sloooooow to day?

My E-mail client[Thunderbird] is delivering lots of traffic- mostly sale stuff and Freecycle- but none of the responses to my
click here

have shown up as I type this, nor are they on my server yet?

  canarieslover 13:46 01 Jan 2010

Quite obviously your celebrations for the new year did not go on as long as a lot of other peoples. It should pick up a bit later on as people wake up, recover from hangovers and remember who they are.

  Forum Editor 13:56 01 Jan 2010

is traditionally one of the slowest days of the year as far as the forum is concerned.

Things will pick up later, and over the next couple of days.

  jack 14:37 01 Jan 2010

My server, which showed no messages but 6 minutes ago, but also showed 20 in the SPAM box
10 of these are PCA Forum responses
Now why did it do that?
A New year resolution perhaps
I now have to persuade it that PCA is not SPAM
I wonder how I do that?

  Chegs ®™ 12:59 02 Jan 2010

I have "lost" my 4car newsletter within the last 6mths.It has always been a little erratic but usually arrives by a Wednesday.As I have changed ISP three times and re-requested it after each change,I decided the newsletter has ceased being sent out or my ISP is blocking it,though if it was being blocked by my ISP then surely the spam filters would catch other spam mails yet I get around 50-80 spam mails(particularly if I accidently used the wrong address to complete a "survey")

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