Is it acceptable to just point new posts

  pj123 15:28 26 Jan 2005

to previous responses on the same subject.

For example, getting vhs, camcorder analogue, camcorder dv on to dvd seems to be pretty common at the moment.

I usually post that a good way to get an answer is to use the search box on the left of the screen (type in vhs to dvd) is the best way to get the answer.

I always feel a bit uneasy doing this instead of posting a response directly, but it does save an awful lot of time reposting answers/suggestions that have already been posted.

I don't want to upset anyone by seemingly passing off their genuine query, but would like to help if I could.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:38 26 Jan 2005

If I feel that an article or thread adequately sorts out a question I just add a link. No point taking up space with repetition.


  pj123 16:06 26 Jan 2005

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)>, that's exactly what I mean.

I always feel that is a "cop out", particularly if they are new users and don't know, but (obviously) that is what the search engine is for.

I will continue to point them to previous threads of the same subjects.

  Sir Radfordin 17:01 26 Jan 2005

With a small amount of explination I can't see why not. You explain why you are linking (lots of info here...) and which posts are worth looking at (see post from Mr X and Mrs Y) so they know which are the valid bits.

Like G says, no point in repetition

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 18:08 26 Jan 2005

i always search first.but sometimes i don't type the right thing!.but i see nothing wrong with putting links to an already answered question.if the linked thread contains what i need,then i say thanks and tick as resolved.'No point taking up space with repetition.'

  Dan the Confused 20:41 26 Jan 2005

As long as the poster gets the advice they need, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way.

  spikeychris 20:47 26 Jan 2005

"If I feel that an article or thread adequately sorts out a question I just add a link. No point taking up space with repetition."

Typing 'yes' would have saved a bit of space ;)

  VoG II 20:58 26 Jan 2005

A click here is worth a thousand words.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:07 26 Jan 2005

2 actully ;-)

  plsndrs3 21:11 26 Jan 2005

I think that there is a loose pattern that appears with the questions that are being raised and remember that not too long ago there were cycles when questions were all on the same theme, then to be replaced by another eg: How do I get rid of PC infection > best virus programs > wireless router problems > Digital picture editing > how to convert various files > digital video editing.

This is just one of the joys of a PC - tinker about with something, try to understand it & seek help from others who have already experienced it when you get into trouble - and that's what the site is for.



  Forum Editor 01:08 27 Jan 2005

all over again, simply because I don't have the time to spend looking for an appropriate previous thread and post a link to it. Over the years I've learned to type pretty rapidly and it's often quicker to type a reply than to go searching. Not an ideal answer, I know - but an honest one, and from the feedback I get I know that many people really appreciate the feeling they get from having a more personal response.

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