garabaldi 12:15 13 Sep 2008

Hi.... just wondering if anyone can give me some sound advice, i am considering a complete career move into IT.In reality is it possible? what basic courses and qualification do i need?

  interzone55 14:53 13 Sep 2008

IT is a very broad area covering PC repair, data entry, systems admin, database management, programming etc...

I suggest you pop along to your local college and see what courses are offered and if anything takes your fancy.

Don't get excited by the adverts in your local press that claim the average salary in IT is something like £39k a year, I've worked in the IT arena for 6 years and have yet to earn half that. This average takes in the likes of the database consultants that pull in 6 figures a year.

  crosstrainer 15:10 13 Sep 2008

As alan14 has pointed out, you need to decide which particular area of the Industry you would like to work in.

I have just retired after nearly 30 years in the business, and it is a vast field. Network engineers are alway's sought after, either "in house" (working for a company maintaining the infrastructure) or freelance.

Service and repair is another choice, software development, training.....The list is long.

Microsoft qualifications are well respected, but expensive and time consuming to achieve. Perhaps as alan14 suggests a taster course of some description may be available in your area to help you decide.

Another way you might get a foot in the door, is to approach a small computer company in your area, expressing your interest, and asking if they are in need of a trainee. I employed many of my staff this way over the years, and they learned from the ground up.

  peter99co 15:40 13 Sep 2008

At lot depends on your present educational standard and whether you want to work in Software or Hardware.

A college course is then the best 1st step.

The suggestions above are excellent and it is really up to you to make a decision.

Software may not be for you, only you know the answer. Hardware may suit you better. It may depend on what you are interested in.

I think salary should be only be considered once you have made a choice of the path you feel you need to follow.

Happy Hunting

  PalaeoBill 19:11 13 Sep 2008

If I had my time again I would take a plumbing course.

  crosstrainer 19:14 13 Sep 2008

Too late, it's all going pear shaped now!

  wee eddie 19:22 13 Sep 2008

While I would not tell you that most of the Correspondence Courses are a total waste of money and time, the promises that many of them make are worthless.

I do not remember having read a posting from a single,happy, Correspondence Course user.

There is a lot of competition out there and a very limited supply of good IT jobs.

  crosstrainer 19:53 13 Sep 2008

I would. They are useless from an employers point of view.

  peter99co 19:58 13 Sep 2008

If it is not possible to move jobs and part time college is not available, I suppose an open university course is better than nothing.

  garabaldi 20:38 13 Sep 2008

Maybe i should think of another venture lol

  jtt 21:01 13 Sep 2008

The people that I know who work in IT are very well paid. I get the feeling that it's not a very recession-proof job, however.

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