ISP's 17:05 07 Nov 2005

I've read many threads in the helproom about various problems with various ISP's. I was wondering which ISP's people have had a good expeience with. I've had great experience with NTL Home (over the cable network) and with Wanadoo (back when it was freeserve).

  De Marcus™ 17:09 07 Nov 2005

Telewest, have been absolutely superb in every aspect for me. Considering I started my broadband 'life' out on a 512kb connection and had it upgraded 3 times to 4mb for free, you won't find me complaining. Customer service is also quick and knowledgeable. 17:22 07 Nov 2005

Were you aware that Telewest is currently being bought out by NTL? As I stated ealier though I never had an issue with NTL home. Freedom on the other hand...

  De Marcus™ 17:46 07 Nov 2005

Yeah, just hoping (perhaps in vein) that nothing changes at my end.

  Chegs ® 22:35 07 Nov 2005

Eclipse were brilliant(if a tad pricey)when I used them.

Freeserve(good)back when I was ISDN

Tiscali=present,lousy speeds,lousy Tech Support.

Pipex=lousy speed,lousy tech support.

  wolfie3000 18:05 08 Nov 2005

Beleive it or not i find aol great for all the slating they get there are a few niggles like the welcome screen but overall iv had no problems iv been with them for 3 years now. 18:33 08 Nov 2005

Many of my friends have also had superb service via AOL, they mainly use it for the lack of a download limit. I am considering moving to plusnet as I have heard many good reports about them. I too have had lousy service via Tiscali.

  DrScott 01:52 09 Nov 2005

I like freedom2surf - always working and reliable, some free webspace (50MB), and 2MB for my region (though in some areas up to 8MB!) 10GB cap. £19.99... lovely.

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