ISP introduces an extra charge

  Barnacarry 11:48 26 Sep 2008

I've just received this email from Plusnet, my ISP, only a week after reading PC Advisors report on Broadband Trends (November Issue, page 88).

"This email is to let you know about a small change to the terms and conditions of your broadband service.

Our supplier, BT Wholesale, has introduced a cancellation charge which applies if you stop or ‘cease’ your broadband service. This may mean you'd get charged if you cancelled your broadband with us. Examples of where the charge is payable can include moving house, or changing supplier. From the 29th October 2008, if you cancel your broadband service, there will now be a £20 fee payable.

Please note: this fee will NOT apply if you migrate to another provider using a MAC key - only if you decide to cease your service altogether.

The amendment will read as follows:
“You agree to pay any costs incurred by us due to the cessation of your broadband service (either when cancelling your service or as a result of a house move where a cessation and new provision of service is required) or cessation of the telephone line over which broadband service is provided.!

You pay to join and now you pay to leave. Will this be the new trend for all?

  version8 12:14 26 Sep 2008

The small print says they can make changes like this.
Sadly not many people read the terms & conditions!

  interzone55 12:29 26 Sep 2008

If the Network imposes this charge upon the ISP, then the ISP has every right to pass it on to a customer cancelling their contract.

Sadly the margins in the ISP business are very low, so when additional charges are imposed the ISP has almost no chance of absorbing them, so they have to be passed on...

  GRIDD 13:09 26 Sep 2008

click here in consumerwatch already.

  birdface 14:36 26 Sep 2008

Well there you go.You have a month to change without having to pay.I am sure Virgin would be glad of your custom.

  Barnacarry 14:59 26 Sep 2008

Unfortunately, I took out a 1 years contract from Feb this year to take advantage of a 6 months reduced monthly fee and, being cynical, maybe this is the reason it was offered.

  GRIDD 16:33 26 Sep 2008

I'll repeat myself from the other thread. It is being levied, in my opinion, to help stop those that move ISP just for the sake of it. Moving about costs the ISPs & BT money in admin, as well perhaps manual work, so it is fair to pass the cost to you.

  Weskit 18:34 26 Sep 2008

Did I misread that it only applies if you cease to use BB, not if you migrate using a MAC number?

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