Isle of Man

  ulrich 22:24 19 May 2010

Approximately 0600hrs I will be waking my neighbours up(I have warned them), when I start my motorcycle up and head off on my way to the Isle of Man TT Races 2010, I will be marshalling there. No TV or the threat of I must have HD, no PC. 4wks in a tent. hoping it doesn't rain too much, but who cares. What ash cloud the wind is coming from the North, OH well.

  peter99co 22:39 19 May 2010

Lucky Devil. By the time we get to Friday and the weekend, we are expecting more in the way of sunshine to develop, with temperatures rising into the very warm category for many!

  Quickbeam 00:41 20 May 2010

Yes, that ash cloud will be a problem with the velocity of the bikes over the high altitude Snaefell Pike section. You may be issued with a dustpan and brush this year;)

I envy you, it's been too long since I went there.

  morddwyd 07:04 20 May 2010

I had a friend who used to marshal there.

Never owned a motor cycle, never went to any other m/c meeting, no other interest in motorcycling, but every year, regular as clockwork, that's where he was.

Does Suzy Quattro still do her annual gig?

  Quickbeam 08:19 20 May 2010

...and Steve Gibbons?

  ulrich 09:23 20 May 2010

Are there but no Suzy, don't know about Steve.
It is a great place, really nice people. The countryside and landscape are great.

  spikeychris 11:39 20 May 2010

I'm working over there for 10 days for the music festival. Should be fun

click here

  Noldi 11:55 20 May 2010

Used to go many years ago and have never seen anything like it again anywhere else. Speed and either brave or stupid I don’t know, those guys are crazy in my book. Have a great time im Jealous for sure.


  jakimo 12:22 20 May 2010

With the TT races & the line up at the Bay festival it looks like your in for a great 3 days

  Bingalau 12:53 20 May 2010

Priorto WW2, The IOM was the place where practically everyone who could afford a trip abroad went. It was probably the place where the original holiday camps developed. I know some older members of my family wouldn't dream of going anywhere else for their holiday. They were still going after the war and right up until they could no longer travel. A very popular place indeed.

  donki 14:32 20 May 2010

Hopefully it will be as safe an event as we had at the North West 200 last weekend. Really good, and becoming more and more of a festival than it once was. Was great to see a year with very few injuries. For excitement and adrenelne nothing beats road racing, have a good one.

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