Islam as a belief system is totally incompatible with modern 21st century western values!

  Flak999 23:49 09 Aug 2014

Controversial enough?

Now as an atheist I am frankly baffled by all of these strange and unusual gods that nominally sane and rational people believe in. However I think Islam sticks out as a totally bizarre, controlling, medieval and frankly frightening set of beliefs.

Those of us born and bred in these islands probably came into contact with the church of England at some point in our lives, or if not them, the Catholics or Methodists or Baptists. All of these frankly quaint sects believed in the same Christian god, their ministers (if they weren't paedophiles) dispensed more or less the same brand of love thy neighbour, do unto others as you would be done by, type of homespun philosophy.

They would turn up at the church fete, take tea with the WI, judge the face painting competition at the local school, you know, be genuine all round good chaps.

It was all quite charming really!

But then came immigration, with that surge of immigration came the new religions. What had been up until then strange and unusual minorities now began to broaden out into large ghettoised sections of our large towns and cities. Tower Hamlets and Southall in London, Birmingham, Luton and Bradford all began to take on a strange and vaguely frightening air.

Strange practices, unusual clothing, demands for sharia law! An alien tide of middle eastern and south east asian origin was demanding changes in our age old customs and practices. We Brits, generally welcoming and accepting as we are, tried to make the best of it, we changed our customs to accommodate the newcomers, we printed literature in all of their languages, we allowed their families and dependants to join them and avail themselves of our health service and benefits system.

Did they integrate and assimilate as previous generations of immigrants have done? Were they grateful to their host nation for providing them with a safe place to live?

No, instead they curse us for not being like them, for not embracing their medieval thirteenth century beliefs!

We forget, coming as we do from our educated 21st century backgrounds that in the middle east as in Africa, life is cheap, almost worthless.

We criticise Israel for bombing Gaza, but don't forget the Palestinians in Gaza elected Hamas whose avowed aim is the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews. It matters not one jot to them that a thousand Palestinian children should be killed by Israeli bombs because they will be martyrs to the Islamic cause.

Indeed they welcome it!

Why should we in the west care if the Arabs want to slaughter one another? From Iraq with ISIS, to Syria with Assad, to Libya post Gaddafi, to Afghanistan with the corrupt Hamid Karzai, to all of these countries where life means less than nothing!

Why does it mean anything to us? Why should we intervene in their tribal blood letting? They are nothing but medieval savages, they hate us because we are unbelievers and would slaughter us all without compunction.

Let them kill each other, I say! Because whilst they are so engaged they are not killing us! The time will come when we in the west will have to take unprecedented action against the followers of this belief system, and that time is not far off.

We need to take off our blinkers, consign our PC rhetoric to the dustbin and prepare ourselves for the coming fight, a fight of western civilisation culture and enlightenment against eastern mysticism theocracy and barbarity, it will be a fight for the very existence of our culture!

  Flak999 14:47 13 Aug 2014

Well, it's started! have a read of this link in Londons Evening Standard

Muslim studants hand out leaflets encouraging British Muslims to join ISIS

I hope the police are busy arresting all of these people!

When are we going to wake up and confront this enemy within?

  namtas 15:51 13 Aug 2014

I do not know who he is but I wish his message could get across to the young Muslims who are bent on destroying our society.

A miracle that this video has not been withdrawn

click here

  carver 16:50 13 Aug 2014

namtas that is he way the Koran should be interpreted but instead it gets corrupted into a book of hatred towards any thing western.

  namtas 17:33 13 Aug 2014

but instead it gets corrupted into a book of hatred towards any thing western.

Not by all but by a few and that is the point that this cleric is recognising?

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