vaabis 11:09 01 Mar 2006

Hi,I have just discoverd,in TASKMANAGER a process by the name of "isass.exe" which is,according to to the process library a virus.
Neither McAffee or other programs can get rid of it.Can anyone please tell me how to get rid of it?
Thank you

  eqskey 11:30 01 Mar 2006

You could try going into Safe Mode(F8) and search for files 'isass'.Their properties might be set to Hidden.Press Start->Help and Support->type in Hidden Files.When you find them change the property check boxs.
Reboot normally,search and delect all the 'bad' files.

  eqskey 11:37 01 Mar 2006

'delect' meaning delete lol

  eqskey 11:39 01 Mar 2006

Where are all the FE's when they are needed?
Better placing this post in the Helproom eh!

  beynac 12:28 01 Mar 2006

Are you sure it's 'isass.exe' and not 'lsass.exe'? Do not delete it if it's the latter.

  beynac 12:56 01 Mar 2006

If it's 'lsass.exe', is it in your C:\Windows\System32 directory? If it is then it's an important system process. If it's anywhere else it's probably a virus. It is vital that you check into this before deleting any files.

If McAfee didn't pick it up, I'd say that it's a valid file.

  SG Atlantis® 17:15 01 Mar 2006

"Where are all the FE's when they are needed?"

There is only one forum editor on PCA.

  eqskey 21:59 01 Mar 2006

Sorry SG Atlantis® I forgot again.
It might be to do with the Hydra trojan!

  Bob The Nob© 22:06 01 Mar 2006

could be a virusif its an 'i' not an 'l' be careful!

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