Irresponsible Bankers, or Union Leaders

  laurie53 09:13 17 Oct 2008

A union leader has called for bankers to be given ASBOs.

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Not only does he show a lack of understanding what ASBOs should be used for, but he is, in fact, surely detracting from their effectiveness (if any).

I feel that sometimes people come out with all sorts of rubbish just to get a paragraph.

There is no doubt that some sanctions must surely be brought into play in financial services, but ASBOs?

  johndrew 10:14 17 Oct 2008

Wonderful things `sound bytes` - ask any politician or those who wish to attract attention for their own purposes.

I also heard on the news that the FSA is looking to employ some from the financial (banking?) sector to act as `gamekeepers` over the banks in an effort to ensure that problems seen recently do not recur. Presumably they will be looking at those who have lost their jobs as a result of incompetence/negigence within the organisations in which they were employed. Could this be called re-entrenchment of practice, I wonder?????

  johndrew 10:15 17 Oct 2008

`negigence` = negligence!!!!!

  GRIDD 10:45 17 Oct 2008

bytes for bites?

  Pine Man 11:15 17 Oct 2008

You can't help thinking that a number of these 'bankers' (it was tempting to slightly change that word a bit!)have behaved anti-socially though!

  johndrew 17:06 17 Oct 2008

I can only manage so many typos per day and I`ve reached my quota :-)

  spuds 21:45 18 Oct 2008

If you read into the story, you will see that there is more into it than what it appears to state. He appears to suggest that those responsible for the financial fiasco's are possibly sanctioned in some way.

At present, it seems as though some of the people involved have got away stock free through mismanagement. In fact, some of these 'bankers' or overseers have been rewarded for their mismanagement procedures.

Even now, as the governments of the world are talking about rescue plans, using tax payers money. Some banks who are technically bankrupt,and their hierarchy are still suggesting that the top people should retain bonuses, high salaries and special perks. In fact its even being suggested that the terms being laid down by governments are not compatible with the banks views.

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