Iron Man 2

  iqs 19:56 30 Apr 2010


Just got back from watching Iron Man2.
I thought the first film was brilliant,but the sequel was very disappointing.Lacked everything that the made the original a superb film,in my opinion.

  iqs 19:58 30 Apr 2010

Lacked everything that made the original a superb film,in my opinion.

  Joseph Kerr 18:22 01 May 2010

I thought it was just OK, but I consider that an achievement after Spiderman 3 and Superman Returns.

I had heard they were going to make more of his drink problem, but instead you got a Spiderman 3 style set piece with some silly drunken antics, in order to lead in to a set piece fight scene.

To be fair there's only so far you an go with a character who is always up against...well...different versions of himself.

  Forum Editor 19:24 01 May 2010

I'll be reasonably happy.

  Quickbeam 10:17 02 May 2010

Even Gwyneth Paltrow will appear to be jaded in Iron Man 27...

  iqs 13:36 02 May 2010

"It was worth watching just to see Scarlett Johansson in a skin-tight costume kicking butt"

I agree.....

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