Irish inheritance

  Picklefactory 13:10 06 Nov 2008

Probably a daft question, but you just never know on here.

Anyone ever inherited anything from an Irish relative and knows roughly how all the red tape works? I just have, apparently, and knowing from experience just how ridiculous our legal system can be, and also knowing that the Irish one can be even more ridiculous, wondered if anyone has had the experience to give some general notes.

Obviously not looking for legal advice, just any voice of experience?

  jakimo 14:00 06 Nov 2008

sound like a question for spuds

  anchor 16:16 06 Nov 2008

I know nothing about the Irish system, but would imagine that in essence it is similar to here in the UK.

If you are just a beneficiary, and not the executor, then it is the executor who will arrange matters in order for you to receive your inheritance. Contact him or her.

Things would be different, and more would be involved, if you are the executor, If you are, then post again.

The process is even more complex if the person died intestate.

  Forum Editor 17:00 06 Nov 2008

from that in the UK. Your relative's will must be 'proved' by the Probate Office, and once that has happened the executor(s) may dispose of the estate according to your relative's wishes.

If there was a spouse, and he or she is living then he or she is entitled to what is called a 'legal right share' of the estate, and the executor must ensure it is awarded, whether or not your relative mentioned it in the will. If there were no children of the marriage the spouse is entitled to half the estate, or a third if there were children. The children of a marriage are not necessarily entitled to any of the estate.

Presumably there is an executor; if there isn't you might want to seek advice from a solicitor. What I've said above is my understanding as a layperson, I'm not a qualified legal adviser, and nor is anyone else in the forum.

  Picklefactory 18:17 06 Nov 2008

Yes there is executor, I had letter out of the blue from solicitor, as my uncle died a few months ago. I was at the funeral, but never gave any thought to inheritance. I expect it is just fill out the forms as sent by sillysitter, and see what happens.
Thanks folks.

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