IQ Tests ;-)

  Kev.Ifty 23:34 07 Oct 2005

I have tried a few IQ tests (with my tongue in my cheek) and found myself to be ranging from 'slightly above average' to 'genius' ;-/

I do enjoy logic puzzles and that sort of thing, although I am not very good at the mathematical problems, i usually score about average on them.

But I just can't understand this type of question....

"If Jody doesn't pay her ticket, she will go to jail."

Which other statement must be true?

1. If Jody pays her ticket, she won't go to jail.
2. If Jody goes to jail, she didn't pay her ticket.
3. If Jody doesn't go to jail, she paid her ticket.

My poor little 'swede' "Doe's not compute"

With FE's indulgence (i hope)...

Anyone up for explaining that to me.

Cheers Kev

  Forum Editor 00:21 08 Oct 2005

Jody will go to jail if she doesn't pay her ticket, but she may go for some other reason, so 1. Can't be true.

2. Isn't true, either - for the same reason. Jody may go to jail for another offence.

3. Must be true. You know for certain that if Jody doesn't go to jail she must have paid her ticket, because if she hadn't done so she would go to jail.

  g0slp 00:22 08 Oct 2005

to jail"

All three are true

It's been a looooonnnnnnnnggg week ;-)

  wolfie3000 01:20 08 Oct 2005

i have done quiet a few I.Q. tests in my time and never really trust an accurate result from them if people are interested in finding out there true I.Q. mensa will set one up with a trained person but first you have to write off to mensa for there little booklet test once you've done that and sent it off and if the test result is good they for a small fee will setup a proper I.Q. test.
click here

BTW my I.Q. is 156 when i took the test. 4 years back.

  Kev.Ifty 01:22 08 Oct 2005

Thanks.. I think i get it.

That Jody ay? Assuming she hasn't been caught shoplifting or illegally downloading stuff with Kazza. Then the only other reason left for going to jail is not paying her ticket.

So she will escape jail by paying her ticket and not having any other crimes taken into consideration...... Yeah got it!!

I bet she lives in Winsford!

Cheers Kev.

  AndySD 08:45 08 Oct 2005

So you didnt join mensa then as they are not sopposed to give out rheir

But it is a fun test.

  Jackcoms 11:07 08 Oct 2005

They're all false.

Read them again.

Why would anyone "pay her ticket" ??

You pay FOR a ticket but you don't pay the ticket itself.

  Forum Editor 11:18 08 Oct 2005

It has indeed been a long week - all three are NOT true.

We'll have no more boasting about IQ figures please. My son has been a MENSA member for years, and he tells me the one thing real members will never do is mention their IQ - it's considered extremely naff, rather like saying how much money you have in the bank.

  bremner 11:20 08 Oct 2005

I don't mentiion either as my bank balance is always lower than my IQ :o(

  stalion 20:02 08 Oct 2005

"If Jody pays her ticket" she can pass go and collect £200

  Totally-braindead 20:33 08 Oct 2005

The only thing I would like to say about the subject is I knew someone a number of years ago called Norrie, he boasted all the time about his high IQ. Now it may be true that he had a high IQ or he may have been a blatent liar but he would do the most stupid things and get in to a lot of scrapes all by himself.. My point is intelligence without common sense is wasted.

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

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