ipod song pirates

  [DELETED] 11:39 13 Jun 2006

music pirates have found a new way to beat copyright laws by selling ipods pre-prog'ed with thousands of tracks.
buying MP3 players in bulk filling them up and reselling them mostly at a premiun price on auction site EBAY.
They can sell illegally on ebay up to 3 times before their acount is suspended, WHY 3? bit like being caught shoplifting 3 times and being told off.
anyone who spots this activity are being asked to report them to ebay via its safety centre.
A report by "WHICH" now sugggests its cheaper to buy CDs then it is to download...

  [DELETED] 23:06 13 Jun 2006

Nothing new - hdds filled with movies sell for big money too. Chipped consoles with hooked up hdds, loaded with top titles sell for triple value of the console.

Where there is a will there is a way. ThereĀ“s always going to just that...

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