iPod alarm clock!

  Knightrs 14:27 24 May 2006

Hi guys, just wondered if any of you had seen the new iHome iPod alarm clock?

I think it was in the news section of the last issue of PCA.

Looks really cool - i managed to find the website too - check out click here im definately getting one!

  the_captain 15:36 13 Jul 2006

Just got one from Comet, Knightrs, appently there's not many of them...
It looks good and sounds good, I'll post tomorrow to see if it woke me up!

  vinnyT 09:49 16 Jul 2006

Take it from this he's still asleep.

  the_captain 15:06 19 Jul 2006

no - I'm not still asleep! I forgot to come back and post the result...
It's good, it woke me up, but then it was designed to.

  tlionhart 23:53 22 Jul 2006

when i first saw this, i got the smaller ipod nano...alarm clock is rubbish. I still use my mobile!

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