iPhone TV advert banned

  Seth Haniel 13:31 26 Nov 2008

Apple has been forced to take its new iPhone advert off the air after complaints it was misleading.

(Yahoo News)

  interzone55 13:59 26 Nov 2008

Link to story on The Register

click here

Basically the ASA received 17 complaints that the advert suggested application downloads were near instantaneous - perhaps the advert should have been 5 minutes long to demonstrate the total time it would take to download the applications, or maybe some people are far too pedantic and need to get a life...

  simonjary 16:24 26 Nov 2008


I totally agree:
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  interzone55 17:20 26 Nov 2008

Your 17-fingered hand line is making me think of Deliverance - now you'd be a whizz on the banjo with 17-fingers, but you'd have real difficulty working an iPhone with that many fingers, they'd keep getting in the way - maybe that's why they complained, they're simply jealous of the city folk who can work a phone properly.

Or maybe I've just been working too hard today and need to go home...

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